Death End Re;quest 2 Gets New Steam Release Date

Idea Factory International announced today that its new action-adventure RPG Death end re;Quest 2 will release earlier than previously planned.

Death end re;Quest 2’s release date was previously set for August 25 for the Steam and PS4 versions of the game. However, Idea Factory has revealed that the Steam version of the game will be available starting on August 18. Further, the Steam version will make the original Glitch costumes available for characters who appeared in the first installment of the game. However, these characters will only appear wearing their Glitch outfits during battle and in the main menu.

A Deluxe Pack will also be available for Steam users. It includes two digital art books featuring character and concept art as well as background art, six original digital wallpapers, 24 tracks from the game’s original soundtrack, and a Death end re;Quest 2 PC theme.

Along with the new release date, the game’s developers also announced the final set of character profiles. These new profiles focus on Christina Serum, Paula Warren, Collette Sheldon Elizabeth Paris, and Mercy Lewis. You can check out the full profile for each character on the official Death end re;Quest 2 website.

Death end re;Quest 2 follows the story of Mai Toyama, a girl who goes looking for her missing sister, Sanae. Her quest takes her to the all-girl dormitory of Wordsworth, in the mysterious town of LeChoara, where it is rumored that her sister was last seen. On her path to find Sanae, Mai realizes that terrible groups of monsters known as Shadow Matter roam the streets of LeChoara at night. She will have to best them in battle to uncover the secrets of the town and get closer to learning her sister’s fate.

Death end re;Quest 2 will feature English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles. Further, the Limited Edition of Death end re;Quest 2 will become available for preorder on both Steam and PlayStation 4 before the game’s official release date.

Written by Andrew Smith