Destruction AllStars Couch Co-Op | Is There Local Multiplayer?

Destruction AllStars Couch Co-Op | Is There Local Multiplayer?

The action-packed PS5 game Destruction AllStars offers players a chance to cause mayhem with friends. But does the game have local couch co-op? Is there a split-screen feature, or can you only play with friends online? If you want to know more about the game’s local multiplayer options, continue reading to find the answers.

Does Destruction AllStars Have Local Co-Op Multiplayer?

Destruction AllStars Couch Co-Op | Is There Local Multiplayer?

Destruction AllStars does not have local couch co-op, at least not yet. This means you’ll have to have a PlayStation Plus Membership in order to join online multiplayer. Thankfully, players who own a PlayStation 4 can join online matches with players on PlayStation 5.

There is some good news, though: Destruction AllStars is also currently free as part of PS Plus’ monthly free games for February 2021. This means you can face your friends (even the ones who were lucky enough to get a PS5) to see which player is better at causing mayhem.

When starting a game you will get choose to select one out of sixteen characters to fight with. When you do this you will also get a suped-up car that has a special ability. Which car you use depends on which character you decide to play with.

Beyond that, players can choose weapons to have on their cars or use special abilities, such as one that causes temporarily invisibility. The winner is the player who survives the longest with their car intact, as you leave the other players’ cars left in pieces across the arena.

Given the game’s addictive action, it’s a shame that there is no local co-op, especially in times like these. But who knows, maybe it will be added later on into the game at some point.

Do you think you will still give Destruction AllStars a go? Or will you give it a pass now that you know it doesn’t have a local co-op? Either way, we still suggest adding this game to your library if you have a PS plus membership. You may decide to play it some time later on down the line. Better be quick, though, as this game isn’t going to be free forever — it will be phased out of PS Plus freebies at the start of March 2021.

Written by Andrew Smith