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Does Resident Evil Village Have Co-Op?

Does Resident Evil Village Have Co-Op?

Resident Evil Village will soon be upon us with a terrifying first-person view. But unlike the last game, will it have co-op? With the previous game having a single-player story only with DLC content added later in the years, some are wondering what the future holds for Village. So will this new game allow us to finally face this horror with a friend, or will we yet again have to go it alone?

Is Resident Evil Village Co-Op?

Resident Evil Village will get a co-op mode, but it won’t be for the main campaign. When purchasing Village, players will get an all-new six-player online multiplayer game called Re:Verse. It will be played from a third-person perspective, unlike the main game which is played in first-person. We should note that this requires an online subscription to play.

Details are still a bit scarce, but in Resident Evil Re:Verse players will get the chance to take on others in a deathmatch mode. In this co-op mode, players can face off in 4-6 person battles. During the five minute battle, players need to find and use weapons (as well as items) to take down enemies. The winner will be the one with the most points at the end of the time. When a player gets eliminated in deathmatch, they will transform into iconic and deadly bioweapons like Nemesis.

In Re:Verse, players are able to play as their favorite characters from the Resident Evil series and in familiar locations that longtime fans will recognize from previous entries in the series. It also has a unique comic book art style. Players can register for the Re:Verse closed beta from January 15-25 on the Capcom website.

Re:Verse will be free for players who buy Resident Evil Village on next-gen consolesPlaystation players who purchase a copy of Resident Evil Village on PS5 will get a version of Re:Verse on PS4. This is also the case for anyone buying the game on the Xbox Series X, meaning they will receive a free copy of Re:Verse on the Xbox One.

Written by Andrew Smith