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Dragon Quest Treasures | Is It A Dragon Quest XI Prequel?

Dragon Quest Treasures - Is It A Dragon Quest XI Prequel?

The protagonists of Dragon Quest Treasures will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played Dragon Quest XI. That’s because Erik and Mia were previously seen in XI, with the former being a major party member. But there are big differences in the gameplay between the two games and there’s no reference in the title to Treasures being connected to XI. As such, you might be left wondering whether or not Dragon Quest Treasures is a actually prequel or if it’s a separate title entirely. Read on for an explanation down below.

Is Dragon Quest Treasures a Dragon Quest XI Prequel?

Is Dragon Quest Treasures a Dragon Quest XI Prequel?

Dragon Quest Treasures isn’t just a spin-off featuring characters from Dragon Quest XI, but instead a true prequel. The events of this game takes place long before Erik and Mia cross paths with the Luminary. Dragon Quest Treasures chronicles the treasure hunting exploits of the two in their childhood. It not only gives more context as to Erik’s personal backstory as a thief in XI, but fleshes out the relationship between the siblings as well.

However, don’t worry if you haven’t played Dragon Quest XI before! This spin-off is still a completely standalone story. Having knowledge of the previous game will definitely make it more rewarding but you won’t be lost if this is your first experience with the siblings. The game even takes place in a completely separate world from XI called Draconia.

That shift in location can be a double-edged sword for anyone who might have been expecting a deeper dive into new lore for XI‘s story. In truth, the only real connection between the two games are the siblings themselves. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Treasures will still be a treat for fans that want to learn more about their backstories.

Dragon Quest Treasures features much more action-packed combat than mainline Dragon Quest games. It also has a new focus on monster recruitment. You’ll fight alongside a party of monsters and take advantage of their abilities to hunt down treasure. The light ties to XI ensures that it’s a great entry point for any newcomers.

Written by Andrew Smith