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Fall Guys | How to Dive like a Pro

Fall Guys - How to Dive like a Pro

If you want to have any hope of winning the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Crown, then you must master the ancient art of the dive. This doesn’t refer to the underhanded practice of “taking a dive,” but literally involves throwing yourself forward to get ahead. Fall Guys demands your respect, so just follow these simple steps and you’ll know how to dive with the best of them.

Fall Guys | How to Dive in 5 Easy Steps

How to dive like a pro in Fall Guys

Step 1 – Momentum

There is no diving without speed, which isn’t hard to achieve in Fall Guys. With all the running around, achieving a constant velocity is simple. Once you’re up to speed, move on to the next step. Just be sure to avoid sharp turns to maintain your speed.

Step 2 – Choose a Point

Before you even start running, you should know where you’re going. In your mind, the dive should have already happened. You need to see where you’re diving to, whether it’s a location on an object. Focus on that point, position yourself towards it, and then move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Jump!

Of all the different actions you can take in a match of Fall Guys, jumping is the most important (well, except for diving). Without jumping, diving cannot exist, as diving is nothing more than a directed jump with force. Build your speed, pick your target, then jump with all your might as you move onto the next step.

Step 4 – Arms Forward

This move requires some very precise timing and quick reflexes. After running and jumping, you will find yourself moving up and forward. You must have patience and wait until the absolute apex of the jump height before thrusting your arms in front of your face. You are now diving, but there is one last step you can take to make the biggest impact.

Step 5 – Optional Grabbing

As you head towards your designated point, your hands will arrive first. At the moment of contact, you can choose to close your hands to try and grab whatever it is they’ve touched. However, unless it is an edge or an opposing player, you’ll simply fall flat.

Congratulations, you now know how to dive! Go forth and dive to a Fall Guys victory!

Written by Andrew Smith