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Fall Guys Stuck Looking For Players | No Match Found

Fall Guys - Stuck Looking For Players, No Match Found

It’s now been three days since Devolver Digital released Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PS4 and PC. Since the announcement, players around the world have been excited to take part in this wacky ragdoll competition. However, there’s one major problem that most contestants are trying to overcome: Finding a match. Here’s a look at why you’re stuck looking for players with no match found.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | Stuck Looking for Players

Fall Guys Stuck Looking For Players - No Match Found

If you’re stuck looking for players to join a Fall Guys match, you’re not alone. The problem is so widespread that the developers themselves have taken to social media citing server overload as the main cause for the issue. No match can be found because the servers being overwhelmed with new players. The only solution is to wait and try again later.

Matches in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can have anywhere from one to 60 players at a time. Unsurprisingly, that sheer volume combined with varying connection strengths is hard to process. Even with popular online games such as PUBG or Fortnite, server maintenance remains a top priority. In the case of Fall Guys, it seems the servers weren’t exactly prepared for the task.

Fortunately, the developers are well aware of the issue. The Fall Guys Twitter account has been posting frequent updates to keep players informed of new server optimizations. Some features may be tweaked or temporarily disabled while the team deals with connection issues. Just hold tight: Even if you can’t find a match now, you should be able to soon.

Server problems can make or break an online game, and Fall Guys is no exception. If you’re stuck looking for players with no match found, you’ll simply have to wait. The servers should eventually stabilize, though with the influx of PS Plus players on PS4, it might take some time.

Written by Andrew Smith