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Fallout 76 Legendary Modules | How to Use

Fallout 76 Legendary Modules

In Fallout 76, all Legendary Weapons and Armor all are made up of Legendary Modules. In addition, these hard to find items are also required to craft a lot of Fallout 76’s high-level end game gear. But there’s a problem, players can only find these high-valued modules in one place. That said, here’s where to find Fallout 76 Legendary Modules and what you can do with them.

Where to Find Legendary Modules in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Legendary Modules

To find Legendary Modules in Fallout 76, you simply need to grab a gas mask or hazmat suit and head into the ash heap to The Rusty Pick bar. If you don’t have a gas mask, you can find one in the Charleston Fire Department in the Overseer’s cache in the main lobby when you first walk into the building. Once on location, as shown below, head inside and talk to a curious vendor called Purveyor Murmrgh.

You can’t miss her, once you are inside the bar she’s going to be on your left side and looks sort of like a mole. Moving on, Murmrgh sells Legendary Modules for Legendary Scrip, which is a new currency that was recently added in the Wild Appalachia update. But, if you don’t have any Scrip on hand, you can get some by trading your unwanted Legendary items at exchange machines found at various train stations across the map. You can also earn Scrip by doing Nuclear Winter and daily quests.

Now that you know where you can get the Fallout 76 Legendary Modules, it is time to explain what you can get with them and why you’d want to use them.  Mainly, as we mentioned earlier these Legendary Modules are required for pretty much all end game gear. Furthermore, you can find a few examples of high-level gear that require the modules down below.



  • Plasma Caster
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauss Minigun
  • Gauss Pistol
  • Gauss Shotgun
  • Cattleprod

Overall, Fallout 76 Legendary Modules are essential if you want to craft any powerful end game gear. With that in mind, we recommend saving your Modules until you are absolutely sure what items you want to craft, as it is one heck of a grind to get more.

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Written by Andrew Smith