Fallout TV Show Expected on Prime Video in 2024

Of all the post-apocalyptic scenarios out there, nuclear fallout is arguably the most common, with many game settings taking place in such a scenario. It’s so prominent to the degree that Bethesda created a popular series called Fallout. The games are set in a wasteland world following different characters as they try to survive in a devastated and mutated world. It’s a prolific series, with Fallout 76 being the most recent release. However, while the next game may take some time, people can expect a whole new title in the form of the Fallout TV series scheduled to arrive on Amazon next year.

The Fallout TV Show

Thanks to shows like Arcance and the recent success of The Last Of Us, the gaming community is cautiously optimistic about future game-related shows. The name Fallout always draws attention and excitement is building around it being turned into a TV show.

According to Variety, the Fallout series is scheduled to release on April 12 2024 exclusively on Prime Video. Amazon has been sweeping through fantasy and sci-fi IPs to populate its streaming platform. The show will follow someone living in a radiation-proof sealed underground Vault in the year 2077, a traditional setup for a Fallout story. It will feature Walter Goggins in the leading role, with the support of actors Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten.

There are many recognizable IPs that could be easily turned into a show. Thankfully, the Fallout series is dense with lore. The games consistently take place a few centuries in the future from modern-day, and are set in various cities across the US. Therein, the world has been ravaged by nuclear fallout to the point where most water and soil are irradiated, and various organisms (including humans) have been significantly mutated.

The games tend to follow the journey of someone who was protected from the fallout by being sealed in a massive underground Vault until they are forced to leave in order to explore the wasteland outside. It appears that the Fallout TV show is following a similar route.

It is possible to make a successful show based on video games, with many believing that the best method involves using the game’s content to tell an original story. With all that Fallout has to offer, many are building their hopes to await the Fallout TV on Prime Video in April of 2024.

Written by Andrew Smith