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FIFA 21 Coca Cola Kit | How to Unlock

Coca Cola Kit

As the newest addition to the franchise, FIFA 21 brings more soccer-loving gameplay to modern consoles. Soon to be released on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, FIFA continues the trend of previous games in that you can get officially “sponsored.” With the Coca Cola kit, your team to get decked out in the brand’s colors. How do you get this soda pop’s favor? Read on just a bit, it’s super easy!

How to Unlock the Coca Cola Kit

Players can get the Coca Cola Kit in FIFA 21 by registering through the official soda website. Simply follow the link to register on Coca Cola’s website, choose your platform, and redeem the t-shirts. This will put your team in the brand’s colors and logo as soon as you put the code into your game. You may have to pop in and out of Ultimate Team to deck your team in the colors.

This does require you to make an account with Coca Cola, which means you’ll probably receive a few emails from them. Check your spam folder for your account verification when you get to that stage because it could have been sent there. Afterwards, it’s as easy as clicking through the responses. Once you get to the end, you’ll just have to put the code into the game! Since each code is unique, you can’t just have a friend do it for you and share the link. The registration isn’t that hard!

Once you entered the code, go to Ultimate Team and head to the Store, where you’ll have a pack. The Coca Cola pack includes your new kit. Pop that sucker open and reap the fizzy rewards! The kit includes uniforms for outfielderd and your goalkeeper.

FIFA 21 is a major update to the long-running series, offering more hands-on gameplay and better AI, on top of fantastic graphics. However, in a continuing tradition, the microtransactions and menus have also increased, making it a bit of a controversial pick among gamers. Still, it is by far the most definitive FIFA game around.

Written by Andrew Smith