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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Silverfish | How to find silverfish

The latest installment to the Fire Emblem franchise has several fetch and deliver quests of sorts. While there is quite a bit of action, there’s also slower, grinding, and occasionally frustrating quests. Here’s how to find the Fire Emblem: Three Houses silverfish.

Where to find Fire Emblem: Three Houses Silverfish

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Silverfish

First things first, silverfish in Fire Emblem aren’t tiny and annoying bugs that love to linger around. They’re actually just fish. A kind of fish that can be just as annoying to find when a quest sends for them.

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There’s several kinds of fish within the game. Silverfish, golden fish, and platinum fish. They also vary in rarity in accordance to their type. What makes silverfish so special is that they’re needed for a quest later on in the game, after the time skip.

To start off finding them, players need to learn to fish. This can be accomplished by completing the Fresh Catch side quest early on. Receiving this quest means talking to Flayn in the Dining Hall.

Once players have completed the requisite quest, they’re free to fish to their hearts’ content. Fishing doesn’t use up any action action points, so there’s little limit to how much can be caught. It’s a fairly simple activity, requiring having some bait and talking to the fisherman near the pond.

After players have posted up on the dock, it’s a matter of patience and reflexes. Essentially it’s just pressing “A” whenever a fish icon shows up. For silverfish, wait it out until a yellow fish icon shows up.

When a fish is finally hooked reflexes will matter. Wait until the game’s concentric circles indicator lines up with its darker parts, and mash “A.” After doing that enough times, the fish’s stamina will be depleted and it’ll be caught.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a grind. The yellow icons may not always yield a silverfish either. So, if players have already caught a few Fire Emblem: Three Houses silverfish early on, it may be a good idea to save them for later rather than selling.

Written by Andrew Smith