Five New Dead by Daylight Chapters That Developers Should Add

New Dead by Daylight Chapters

With things how they are around the world, gaming continues to grow significantly in popularity. In addition to some of the more obvious titles, many lesser-known ones have also come to light. These include games like Among Us and of course, Dead by Daylight. The latter plays out like classic slasher movies and though it has horror elements, it’s quite fun and quick to play (servers permitting). Though the game is several years old now, it updates regularly with new chapters adding new killers, survivors, and locations. Some contain original content while others draw directly from pop-cult horror hits. While it includes big names like Silent Hill and Stranger Things, there plenty of more fan favorites ripe for picking. Here are our picks for five new Dead By Daylight chapters.

Five New Dead By Daylight Chapters to Add

New Dead by Daylight Chapters

Raised in Hellfire (The Cenobite, Hellraiser)


When it comes to horror franchises, the Hellraiser series is one that gets little attention. Despite being very prolific, having over ten films, it takes a backseat to the more recognizable properties. The premise and design come from the mind of Clive Barker, notorious for his focus on graphic horror.

The story follows unwitting humans catching the attention of interdimensional creatures know as Cenobites. These beings are driven by primal sadism and masochism and can no longer distinguish pain from pleasure. Though the Cenobites are very distinct from one another, their leader called ‘Pinhead’ (for obvious reasons) is the frontman. With such a hauntingly disturbing character design and motivation, this horror icon would fit in well with the Dead by Daylight crew.

Mommy’s Special Boy (The Brute, Friday the 13th)

New Dead by Daylight Chapters

It honestly feels weird that Jason Voorhees even needs to be on this list. This hockey mask killer has been stacking victims since the golden age of slasher flicks. Though the films have changed hands throughout the years, the original film is the creation of writer Miller.

For those unfamiliar, the story follows a group of summer camp counselors who fall victim to a supposedly vengeful camper who died due to neglect. Jason appears in many different forms throughout the series, but his iconic mask and machete remain quite consistent. He’s emotionless, brutal, and seemingly invulnerable and never gives up. If this isn’t a top choice applicant for a new Dead by Daylight chapter, then what is?

A Hiss in the Dark (The Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley, Alien)


Rumors persist that the pitch for the first Alien film came down to, ‘Jaws in space.’ Whether this is true or not, it’s a pretty accurate description nonetheless. The plot follows the crew of a space freighter who brings the egg of an unknowingly dangerous alien species onboard.

From the moment it hatches, it hunts down the crew members one by one before having a showdown with Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley. The iconic creature design brought to life by the late H.R. Geiger deserves recognition. On top of that, many still view Ripley as one of the most significant female figures in cinema. With this killer and survivor duo in the chapter, DBD can’t go wrong.

Off the Hook (The Candyman, Candyman)


The campfire story of a ‘killer with a hook’ is so familiar that it almost qualifies for meme status. It’s an easy go-to for a scary characteristic: Hooks are uncommon, distinct, appear in various bloody contexts, and look very painful. While many folks would probably cite ‘The Fisherman’ from I Know What You Did Last Summer as THE hook-hand icon, there’s another competitor.

From Bernard Rose (inspiration from Clive Barker) comes the horror franchise of the Candyman. Though the killer’s backstory is tragic, he is primarily driven by a desire to convince people of his existence by killing those who summon him. His signature is a hook sticking out of his arm and a sweet scent that follows his presence. With all the makings of a truly haunting urban legend, Candyman has a definite place as a new Dead by Daylight chapter.

The Sound of Terror (The Creeper, Jeepers Creepers)

New Dead by Daylight Chapters

Very rarely does a slasher-killer have a combination of brutality and whimsy that seems to work. Even though Victor Salva’s creature has changed throughout the Jeepers Creepers series, the first film contains the most memorable version. The plot follows an ancient creature that awakes periodically to eat people in order to form its body.

Despite its gruesome nature, the Creeper toys with victims, sets traps, acts aloof, and even whistles the movie’s namesake. As the film progresses, the creature grows more horrifying and less human displaying supernatural abilities. The Creeper is highly resilient, has superior senses and strength, is very clever, and can regenerate by eating flesh. Introducing such a powerful killer to the DBD universe will really throw the survivors for a loop.

HONORABLE MENTION: Still Recording… (The Ghoul and Pablo, REC)

New Dead by Daylight Chapters

This Spanish film follows a small film crew covering an after-hours fireman emergency at an apartment building. After a violent viral outbreak occurs, the building enters quarantine as victims pick each other off. When the crew finally encounters patient zero, they are overcome with sheer terror. Both the patient and the cameraman can find a home in a new Dead by Daylight chapter.

At Daylight’s End

Dead by Daylight is still very active with the latest chapter A Binding of Kin being only a month old. Considering the game’s large increase in players, it’s likely the devs will have even more encouragement to expand its reach. Whether focus will shift more towards original or reference material, only time will time. However, as we’ve listed here, the pool of popular and recognizable horror properties is quite deep and we encourage the DBD team to take a swim.

Written by Andrew Smith