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Forspoken | Is There New Game Plus?

Forspoken - Is There New Game Plus?

New Game Plus modes have been an essential part of RPGs for years and you might be wondering if Forspoken has one itself. Considering games in the genre require dozens and sometimes hundreds of hours, players are guaranteed to have incredible skills when they beat an RPG. New Game Plus allows them to start a new save file while keeping all of the bonuses they’ve obtained from maxing out their levels. Forspoken heavily revolves around the staggering amount of skills and spells Frey has access to, but can you carry those over to a new save? Read on to find out if there’s a New Game Plus mode in Forspoken.

Is There New Game Plus in Forspoken?

Is There New Game Plus in Forspoken?

The benefit of a New Game Plus mode is getting to carry over any unlocked abilities to the start of a game. A feature like that might seem like a given for a game like Forspoken. Surprisingly, however, it actually does not actually feature a New Game Plus mode.  Without going into heavy spoilers, Chapter 11 will present Frey with a decision that directly affects the ending. One choice leads to a non-canonical ending while the other will lead to the final boss fight and canonical ending. But there’s no reason for players to need a New Game Plus.

That’s because Forspoken includes a hidden 13th chapter once the credits roll. Chapter 13 of Forspoken, “New Beginnings,” takes place directly after the main story. This is an epilogue that allows players to resume exploring the world of Athia to finish any remaining side content. This includes optional things like Lost Labyrinths, mutants, and flashback challenges. You’ll also unlock brand new content for the game’s post-game activities, like rare boss encounters. All of your stats remain the same and you’ll only be able to expand upon Frey’s vast arsenal of magical skills as you finish side content.

This essentially negates the necessity of a New Game Plus mode completely. You won’t need to relive any part of Frey’s journey just to unleash her endgame powers on beginning enemies. It saves the player a ton of time while offering incentive to keep playing long after Frey defeats the final boss.

Written by Andrew Smith