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Fortnite | How to Craft Weapons and Items

fortnite how to craft weapons

Fortnite just launched its new update and as with pretty much every update, there’s a fair amount of new stuff. With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, players are now able to craft both weapons and new items that came along with the update. The ability to craft changes a lot about how the game works, so just how can players craft weapons and items in this new Fortnite season? 

How to Craft Weapons and Items in Fortnite
How to craft weapons Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, you can craft two different types of weapons: Mechanical weapons and primal weapons. This goes for items as well. Both of these different styles require different materials in order to build, but all items can be crafted from within the Crafting menu.

To build mechanical weapons, you’ll need to harvest mechanical parts, which can be gained from using your pickaxe on vehicles such as tractors and forklifts. For primal items, you’ll need to have some animal bones. You can find these by either defeating wild animals and taking their bones, or you can find large animal bones on the map and mine them to gain smaller ones that you can use in crafting.

Now that you have the material that you need you can get to crafting. To do this you first need to open your inventory and then go to the Crafting tab. There, you will be able to spot a list of items that can help you craft new objects with the required items in your inventory. If you have the items you need, you can start crafting immediately. It will only take a few seconds, but you should make sure that you’re in a safe location when you’re doing it. 

You can build all the downgraded weapons you want in the new season. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your choices, though. First is that mechanical weapons deal less overall damage but are much more accurate. This is the opposite of primal weapons, which are less accurate but can hit like tanks. 

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Written by Andrew Smith