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Fortnite | How to Tame a Wolf in Season 6

tame a wolf

Are you ready to embrace your wild side? I hope so, because Fortnite has just become a bit more primal! With all of the animals that roam the map now, you might think that the devs have done nothing but add a few obstacles. However, that’s not the case, because you can now tame a wolf in Fortnite to help you take on any opponent! The wolf might not have a gun, but it has a ton of health and is ready to rumble.

How to Tame a Wolf in Fortnite

tame a wolf

In order to tame a wolf, you must first hunt down their preferred food, which is meat. You can get meat by killing a wolf, a boar, or a chicken. Then, bring the animal the meat and feed it by dropping it on the ground to get a new best friend for the rest of the match. You can do the same thing with boars by bringing them corn, found at farms on the map or from the lootable vegetable boxes.

Since wildlife is able to walk and travel across the map, there are no definite spawn points for these animals. You’ll have to head to the forested regions to find your wolves since that has the highest chance of a wolf spawn.

Once you find your prospective best friend, drop the food on the ground, and wait for them to get the Blue Waves of Friendliness above their head. While the blue waves are active, you must run right up and press the button (usually Interact) to tame the wolf or boar. Do it right, and the blue waves will be replaced by hearts, and you can now have a friend for fighting and jogging around.

Neither wolves nor boars will be highly effective in any given fight. They’re slow as all get-out and have pretty awful attack speed on top of that. All you really get out of this is a companion… But isn’t that all you really need?

Written by Andrew Smith