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Goat Simulator 3 Horror Corridor | How to Survive

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There aren’t many games these days that don’t come with their fair share of Easter eggs. As It’s sort of become a staple for video games these days to include some. One title that is simply overflowing with these hidden components is Goat Simulator 3. This isn’t all that surprising given the game’s absurd and outright nature sort of makes it the ideal title to riddle with Easter eggs. The one we’re addressing today is Horror Corridor, a tribute to the short-lived but horrifying P.T. If you want to know how to beat this Easter egg mini-game, keep reading to find out!

How to Survive the Horror Corridor in Goat Simulator 3

How to Survive the Horror Corridor in Goat Simulator 3

Firstly, you can find the Horror Corridor Easter egg in Goat Simulator 3 at the Rest Stop in Quiet Hills. Upon entering, you’ll come across a corridor that’s a spitting image of the one from the horror game P.T. The key to surviving this “Horror Corridor” is to keep moving through its carousel round of hallways until the house’s front door opens. Which, we will tell you now, is not on the third or fifth loop, but rather on the 20th.

If you gave up after the first loop, you simply have to wait a whole minute in the hallway after your first go around for the door to open again. So, don’t get defeated when you’ve gone through a handful of times and nothing’s happened. Your course of events should be, waiting for the door to open, people dancing, granny with a rocket launcher, then the bathroom door will crack open. Mixed in between each are about three or four loops through the Horror Corridor.

Once you’ve gone through all those events in the Horror Corridor you’ll have to circle the hallways another five-ish times before the front door opens. Now, players don’t exactly know what triggers the front door to open. So, once you’ve gone past all the events and are on the last few loops, we recommend getting up to your usual goat business and starting head-butting and licking everything in hopes of triggering it. Doing so will complete the Horror Corridor challenge, and unlock you a sick ghost outfit.

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Written by Andrew Smith