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Halo Infinite New Game Plus | Can You Replay?

Does Halo Infinite Have New Game Plus?

Master Chief is going to have one rough ride with the Banished in Halo Infinite. The vicious foes of the galaxy come armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and intense behaviors. Once you begin to master the skills of a Spartan, however, you’ll be working your way up to tougher enemies that’ll give the Chief a run for his green armor. But just how far can one be tested, particularly for when it comes to finishing the story and then craving for more alien bloodshed? So we beg the question: Does Halo Infinite have any New Game Plus features?

Does Halo Infinite Have New Game Plus?

Halo Infinite New Game Plus Mode

The short answer is no, Halo Infinite does not have a New Game Plus feature. Once you complete the single-player campaign, there won’t be any further narrative gameplay to go through. If you wish to replay the story with a harder edge in combat, you can always go for a higher difficulty with some activated skulls. But there is no official New Game Plus mode for players to check out.

Applying skulls and playing on a higher difficulty could compensate for that urge for a more challenging experience. With the open world of Halo Infinite at your disposal, you can only go so far in regards to increasing the odds in action. It’s also important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to replay any missions. If you wish to restart your favorite section or if you’re out hunting Easter eggs, you’ll have to restart the campaign entirely. This is a departure from the previous games’ ability to go back and replay campaign levels.

This is usually the norm for open-world-type games. There are a good handful of titles that allows the player to revisit sections and levels, but the case is different for Halo Infinite. This could frustrate some players, especially the completionist crowd that searches every crack and corner for the sweet 100% completion status. You’ll have to ensure that you collect every possible item that you can find before concluding the story. Until the developers introduce a chapter jump function, you’ll have to fully restart the narrative to finish your collective mission.

Of course, there is always the multiplayer mode if you’re not in the mood to play the campaign again. Perhaps the developers will soon implement a New Game Plus-like feature in the future, but that’s for the DLC news to reveal for us when the time is right.

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Written by Andrew Smith