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Hitman 3 Dubai Guide | How to Beat On Top of the World

Hitman 3 Dubai

Agent 47 is back in Hitman 3, and for his first mission, the assassin is in Dubai for the inauguration of The Scepter. You have two targets: Carl Ingram, who is locked in his penthouse with high security, and Marcus Stuyvesant, typically found wandering around the art gallery. In our guide, we will help you beat Dubai in Hitman 3. As a bonus, we will get through this with the Silent Assassin challenge completed, as long as you follow the exact walkthrough.

Hitman 3 Dubai Mission Guide

After skydiving, you start the Dubai mission on the outside of the world’s tallest building. Follow the linear path you are on. You will climb up a railing, jump on a small platform then drop onto a balcony. You will get a prompt to use your camera, a new piece of equipment in 47’s arsenal, so that Grey, your partner, can hack the locked window and let you in.

Climb through and crouch walk through the area, which continues to be a straight shot before things open up to the sandbox level that Hitman is known for. Go up the ladder, and you will see a blue curtain, and once you go through, you will magically have a suit that blends you in with the scenery. You won’t get too lost in this massive building as you secured the doors and elevators, so only some of the skyscraper is available, making your prey locked in with their predator.

Inside the Hotel

Hitman 3 Dubai

Go up the stairs and take a left to find more stairs leading into the Garden. To your left, by some plants, you will see a terminal. Use it to reveal not only a Mission Story — a guided method to kill your target(s) — but also a map of the area so your minimap will not be a blank corner of your screen.

After that, turn to your right to see some stairs, go up, then take a left. Go down these stairs, and you will see a door with a blueish-green lightbulb indicator (always look for these if you get lost) for your objective. It will get you to “infiltrate the staff area.” The door is locked with a keypad, but your partner will show you a code to enter “4076” to get through.

From here, you are in the danger zone of our Hitman 3 Dubai guide. Watch yourself and be prepared to use lethal force if spotted agent.

Through the Halls

Go down the hall, and to your left around the corner will be a guy on a cell phone with another crew member behind him looking through some tools. Note that you only have your fist and wire to attack, so sneak past them as you should not want to risk trying to take them both on. However, that is up to you if you are a more aggressive player; we won’t judge.

Ahead you will spot two guards chatting in front of soda machines, wait it out and one will walk away. Now is your chance to crouch by to the left and through the marked door. You will have a woman and a guard in here. Go behind the boxes to your right and pull out your camera to unlock the window to your left as you did earlier. Like perfectly normal humans, they will not react to a window unlocking and opening by itself. Wait a moment, and the two of them will leave through the door to your right, giving you the opportunity to climb through. Before you do, you may want to grab the screwdriver to the left of the window on some boxes; it’s a good weapon for stabbing and throwing into people’s skulls.

Vault over and make your way to the left. You are on the outside of the building, holding on to the ledge, so it is straightforward to follow the path and get up to the window that is on the next level. Unlock it and get back inside.

The Next Floor

Good job, we are on the next floor for our Hitman 3 Dubai guide, but things have gone from dangerous to confronting death around every corner.

At the end of the hall is an armed guard, wait for him to leave and you can move forward. Before you do, be aware of the camera on the left wall towards the middle of the hallway, which you cannot destroy as, at this point, you don’t have a gun to shoot it. You will also have a locked door on your right that needs a keycard and a bathroom to the left.

When the guard makes his routine walk, hug the left wall to pass the camera and enter the door to your left marked “Storage.” There is a worker, so dispose of him how you wish. You have a cabinet you can stuff him in. The room will have a hammer in front of the door you enter through; you cannot miss it, so that is an optional weapon you may want. Before leaving, the important thing you want is the janitor key on the table on the left side by the whiteboard.

Go through the other door that you did not go through before to enter the Server Room. You can interact with the terminal in front of you, but Grey will ask you to pull one of the server racks from any of the four towers. This will lock all the doors, and two guards will rush in. Hide behind a tower and wait it out. This will reveal that you need to go to Maintenance for a keycard to use the computer, so you can get a fake meeting with the Partners, also known as your two targets Carl and Marcus. It is easy as a door with “Maintenance” is right there for you.

Hitman 3 Dubai

You will see a worker on her phone to your left, and around the corner is another worker who you will need to incapacitate to obtain his keycard. You can go about this any way you want. Personally, I waited for him to be in that spot away from the woman’s sight to choke him and throw him in the cabinet. By this time, the woman was done with her call, so I hid with my knocked-out victim until she was away.

As she mops, go back to the Server Room. A mechanism will unlock for you to swipe the card. You will need to pull one of the racks again. Observe the screens above the racks and find the one with yellow text, that is your ticket to schedule this fake meeting with your prey.

You need a guard disguise, so the guard right outside will do the trick. When he is around the corner, looking at a wall, kill or knock him out and drag his body to the previous room. From there you can throw him in the cabinet with the first worker you took down and take his clothing. If you want, you can also take his gun, which will drop right where you incapacitated him.

Go down the hall where you eliminated the guard and walk all the way down until you reach a doubled door to your left, which leads to the Meeting Room. You want to do this as one guard will recognize you if you continued forward. In here, you can grab the soda can to knock someone out or grab the deadly letter opener—exit through either of the other doors in the room, which will lead you to some stairs. Go up into the next location.

Courtyard of Death

Hitman 3 Dubai

You are now in the Courtyard, and both of your targets are near as you are on the final stretch of beating Dubai in Hitman 3. Turn left and follow the path through the opening with two guards on each side of it. Don’t mind them; they have no control over the situation against the world’s best assassin.

Go straight into the same room as them into the Lounge. If Marcus and Carl spot you, they will only ask you to leave, but you will not be able to secure the room with the security panel that is right in front of you. Make sure you sneak in, so they don’t spot you. Nobody will be suspicious of you crouch walking over. Activate it, which will lock all windows and doors, so no pesky guards will interrupt your execution. Once you are finished killing them (we don’t want to know your psychopathic methods), find your escape.

Unsecure the room and turn around. Start to head back the way you came. Once back in the Courtyard, take a left through an automated glass door and make your escape. Congratulations, you have finished the first mission in the latest installment of the Hitman franchise.

Hopefully, this Hitman 3 Dubai guide was helpful. Of course, you can beat any level through a plethora of methods. Let us know in the comments if you did something differently; we would love to see how you assassins accomplished the objective.

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Written by Andrew Smith