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How Much Does Grounded Cost?

How much does Grounded cost?

Are you interested in checking out Grounded? The new survival game from Obsidian is wildly popular, and you can jump into the action without spending too much money. The Grounded price may be fixed for players on Steam, but Game Pass subscribers won’t have to deal with any additional costs whatsoever.

Grounded price | How much does the game cost?

Grounded price - How much does Grounded cost?

Grounded is currently available for purchase at a price of $29.99 on Steam. That’s not a high cost for a game released by a triple-A studio like Obsidian. However, Xbox and PC players can save some money by downloading the game through Game Pass, which is available for $10 per month.

If you’re not part of Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem, you’ll probably want to buy Grounded on Steam. Curiously, a lot of the game’s players purchased it on Steam — so much so that it topped the service’s best sellers list within hours after launch. There is one caveat, of course: Grounded is currently in Early Access. If you tend to hold off for full releases before making a purchase, you’ll need to wait until next year.

However, Grounded has also been released to Xbox Game Pass. Current subscribers can enjoy the game for no extra charge: Just download and start playing on PC or Xbox One. If you haven’t subscribed before, you can take advantage of a limited-time promotion where your first month costs just one dollar. Otherwise, it’s usually $10 per month to play Game Pass games on both PC and Xbox. Alternatively, you can opt for Game Pass Ultimate for $15 a month.

The price of Grounded really depends on where you like to play. PC players can opt for the Steam version for a cost of $29.99, while Xbox One players can access the game through Game Pass. However, both PC and Xbox users can play Grounded through Game Pass for just $10 a month.

Written by Andrew Smith