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How to Build a Raft in Stranded Deep

How to Build a Raft in Stranded Deep

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the isolated islands of Beam Team’s survival game or a seasoned veteran, one thing is certain; building a Stranded Deep raft is essential if you plan to find a way to venture from your new home to other remote islands in a desperate search for resources and materials that will aid in your survival and hopeful pursuit of eventual rescue. In order to make these necessary journeys worth your risk and effort, you will need to craft a raft. In this guide, we will take you through the different steps of how to build a raft.

Stranded Deep Raft |How to Build

How to Build a Raft in Stranded Deep

While the Normal Mode difficulty provides you with a basic emergency life raft that can be used as your means of transportation, the Hard Mode difficulty will not provide you with the luxury of a raft. Either way, crafting one is essential.

Before you start building a raft in Stranded Deep, it is imperative that you first craft yourself a Crude Hammer. Without it, the building and vehicle menus will be inaccessible to the player and a prompt at the bottom of the crafting menu interface will inform the player that they must possess a hammer to build.

Crude Hammers can be easily crafted by combining a stick, lashing, and two rocks in the crafting menu. Lashings can be crafted with four fibrous leaves, which can be gathered from young palms or yucca plants. You will also need to make cloth, which can only be crafted with a Loom with four fibrous leaves.

Lastly, a Loom can be made by combining four lashings and six sticks in the crafting menu. Once you have your Crude Hammer and Loom, you’ll be ready to craft your first raft! Here’s what you’ll need to build a raft in Stranded Deep.

  • Base: 1 lashing and 14 sticks OR 5 buoy balls OR 2 tires OR 3 barrels
    • Combine the lashing with one of the available options to craft a raft base.
  • Floor: 4 sticks OR 2 planks OR 2 corrugated scraps OR 2 bricks
    • Attach the floor to the base of the raft.
  • Sail: 1 lashing, 1 cloth, and 2 sticks
    • Attach the sail to the front of the raft floor.
  • Rudder: 1 lashing, 1 cloth, and 2 sticks
    • Attach the rudder to the back of the raft floor.
  • Anchor: 4 lashings, 1 stick, and 6 rocks
    • Attach the Anchor to the side of the raft floor.

With the raft complete, drag it over to the water to set sail. Make sure to deploy your anchor to prevent your new vessel from drifting away! It should also be noted that the player should be cautious of the weather and the physical layout of the raft, as the realistic physics of the storms can effortlessly tip your raft and put a quick end to your trip!

Keep in mind this is how you make a raft in its simplest form; as you progress and obtain more resources you can easily expand your raft to become a large mobile base or a cargo-carrying pleasure craft.

How to Flip Raft

If you get hit just right while sailing out to sea, you may find that your raft has flipped over rendering it useless. Obviously, you’ll want to flip it over again, but unfortunately, it is actually quite tricky to flip a raft in Stranded Deep. However, it can be done.

To flip your raft, you’ll want to grab on to it, look up, and then throw it upwards. Essentially, you need to jump and throw the raft. Don’t fret if it doesn’t work the first time, it can take a little time to get the toss just right.

Alternatively, you can also drag the raft to shore and try flipping it there. Unfortunately, this method can also take a few tries as well. However, don’t lose faith, as it is possible to flip a raft!

Written by Andrew Smith