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How To Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

How to Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley
How to Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

The name of the game in Stardew Valley is, well, whatever you want it to be! But farming serves as its base, and Rare Seeds are among the available crop starters. You’ll start the game by growing a few reliable and standard crops, but as your operations grow and seasons change, you’ll be encouraged to grow more complex and valuable crops and plants. This is how you’re able to increase your profits while gaining more variants for artisanal products that can sell for even more money. While many seeds can be bought or earned frequently, Rare Seeds require a bit more effort and perseverance, so here’s what some of that can entail.

How To Get Rare Seeds

Rare Seeds can be purchased from the Traveling Cart south of your farm

As the name denotes, Rare Seeds are not easy to come by. In fact, there is no way to obtain them naturally without first buying them. Despite all the merchants available, only the Traveling Cart sells them. This merchant has a chance to appear randomly in the corner of the Lake Area as well as certain yearly events.

Rare Seeds are one of the main products that the merchant sells in the Spring and Summer Seasons, for a somewhat high price of 1,000 Gold. The good news is that there’s a very small chance that the merchant will be selling the seeds for less than that at any point during the year. Whenever the Traveling Cart is around, you should always leap at the opportunity to buy Rare Seeds, so always make sure you have some Gold in reserve to buy as many as you can.

Grow Rare Seeds Into Sweet Gem Berries

Rare Seeds can be grown into Sweet Gem Berries at your Greenhouse after its been repaired

The reason that you’ll want the Rare Seeds is because they grow into the rare and highly valuable Sweet Gem Berry. As the description denotes, this crop takes “all season to grow”, though that’s a bit inaccurate. Specifically, they take around 24 in-game days to grow to maturity.

These fruits can only be grown in the Fall (or in the Greenhouse if you’ve unlocked it at the Community Center). Whenever you decide to grow these crops, make sure that they are watered and protected. Surround them with both Scarecrows and Lightning Rods to ensure that they don’t get eaten or destroyed, respectively. It’s worth it to unlock the Greenhouse as fast as possible since that is easily the safest place to grow them.

Uses For Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berries aren't used in much, but they are a valuable crop

Despite the unique nature of the Sweet Gem Berry, it’s quite a niche crop. It can’t be eaten, cooked, or crafted into something else. As a gift, all Villagers are neutral towards it. However, you can get a valuable Stardrop from the Old Master in the Secret Woods if you give him one.

You can also recycle a Sweet Gem Berry using the Seed Maker in order to produce more Rare Seeds. Unfortunately, it’s not affected by any professional perks and it can’t be turned into an artisanal product using any current method available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you put Sweet Gem Berries into Seed Maker?

The Seed Maker is arguably one of the most useful devices you can have on your Farm. When you put a Sweet Gem Berry into it, you have a chance to produce 1 to 3 Rare Seeds with the odds being in your favor that it will give you at least 2 which guarantees a minimal return of twice the value of the Sweet Gem Berry. That being said, only the standard quality Berries should be fed to it and there’s always the small chance that you’ll get Mixed Seeds or an Ancient Seed instead.

How much do Sweet Gem Berries sell for?

The biggest use that this crop has is as a product (one can only guess what customers are using it for) since it has a base value of 3000 Gold and can go as high as 6000 Gold based on quality.

Are Sweet Gem Berries used in quests or bundles?

Even though it will take you quite some time to get your hands on Sweet Gem Berries, they’re not very important to your growth as a farmer or to your contribution to Pelican Town. They’ll never be requested on the Bulletin Board or by the Fish Pond, so this crop pretty much exists solely for you to try and get ahead of the game. By investing 5,000 Gold, you have a chance to make 15,000 Gold at minimum as long as you’re willing to put the time and work in.

Written by Andrew Smith