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How to Grind Subway Rails in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

How to Grind Subway Rails in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

The ‘Grind the Subway Rails’ objective is a mission found in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, specifically one in the New York map from THPS2. While the challenge sounds simple enough, it can be a slightly tricky one to figure out since the rails are locked within a subway station. This guide will break down both how to unlock the train station and how to grind the subway rails.

How to Open the Subway Station

To unlock the Subway Station, you must first collect the five Subway Tokens spread around the map. Once this objective has been completed the Subway Station area will be open permanently; you don’t have to worry about getting them every time.

The first Token can be found on the quarter pipe at the far end of the street to the far left. On the right-hand side of the road, just past the Volcom shop, you will see a quarter pipe. The first Token is at the top of this quarter pipe.

To get the second token, enter the park via the nearest entrance. On a rail immediately to your right you will find the second Token. Grind on the rail to obtain it.

For the third Token, go back onto the street and then launch back into the park using a nearby ramp. The ramp is opposite the quarter pipe where the first Token is. Above this ramp is the third Token. This one can be a little tricky to get and may take a few attempts.

The fourth Token is on the bridge in the middle of the park. Simply head there and grind on the ledge with the Token on it.

Finally, head to the large ramp-like rock on the opposite side of the park from where you entered. Launch yourself off this rock to get the final token.

Now you have all the Tokens, the large door to the Subway station will open up. Retry the level and head up there.

How to Grind Subway Rails

In order to get this objective, you must grind from the subway station to the far side tunnel and then launch off and land the trick. Jumping across the rails, or doing tricks while you grind, will result in you failing this objective since the game is asking from one long grind from one end to the other. You also need to make sure you’re grinding the rails themselves, not the platform they’re supported by.

You’ll know you were successful when the ‘’Ride The Rails’’ gap appears on your score counter. Once you have this gap land the trick and the objective will be complete.

Written by Andrew Smith