How to Open Gym at School 2 in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

How to Open Gym at School 2 in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

The School 2 map in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 features a large interior area with a gym and swimming pool to skate in. However, reaching this area can be a little tricky since doors are locked, and the process to unlock them isn’t exactly intuitive. This guide will explain how to open gym in School 2 map and how to get the hidden Vicarious Visions V logo.

How to Open the Gym in School 2

How to open the gym in School 2

At the very start of the round, immediately turn right and head down to the main courtyard area. Skate across the courtyard and exit through the corridor to the left of the library building.

From here you’ll see a flight of stairs to your left. This flight of stairs has a rail in the middle of them. You’ll know it’s the right rail if grinding on it gives you a multiplier bonus, since this rail is one of the three needed to complete the ‘’Grind 3 Roll Call Rails’’ goal.

However, you don’t need to grind on it just yet. Instead, wait until around the 1:40 mark on the timer. At this point in time a second school bell will ring. You need to grind on the rail as the second bell is still ringing to unlock the doors to the gym.

School 2 gym door location

Get the timing right, and the doors leading to the gym and pool areas will open up. To reach the inside, continue going down the hill from the bottom of the rail to the large tarmacked area. You’ll notice that the green double doors on the large school building are now unlocked, so feel free to head inside.

How to get the Vicarious Visions Logo

How to get the hidden Vicarious Visions logo

The Vicarious Visions V logo can be seen floating above the basketball hoop on the far end of the gym. This area features two quarter pipes, one either side of the hoop. To reach the logo, you simply need to transfer from one quarter pipe to the other.

You may need high speed, air, and hangtime stats to get the height needed to reach the logo. Obtaining it while using a new character with no stat points proved very difficult to achieve. If you can’t reach it yet, take some time to build your stats and then return to the gym in School 2.

Written by Andrew Smith