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How to QB Contain in Madden 21

Madden 21 How to QB Contain

As you begin playing games online against other competitors in Madden 21, odds are you’re going to face someone with a run-heavy quarterback, like Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray. When this happens, you’ll need to know how to QB contain to prevent your opponent from running all over the field. Since the adjustment controls are a bit different than last year’s game, we’ve got a quick rundown on how the QB contain controls work this time around.

How to QB Contain on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

To QB contain in Madden 21 players simply need to press R1 twice if they’re on a PlayStation 4 and RB twice if they are on an Xbox One. Doing so before the snap will tell the defense to adjust for a scramble, and will hopefully prevent the QB from finding a gap and running for a lot of yards. Of course, it won’t work every single time — but it should help shut it down for the most part. Further, you’ll need to do this every snap.

Now that you know how to QB contain in Madden 21, you’ll also want to know which QBs have a high speed and are capable of scrambling for big yards. Of course, stats are constantly being updated and new player cards are added regularly, but at the time of release, the main threat to watch out for is Lamar Jackson. Much like in real life, he is currently the quickest QBs in the game with a speed of 96, so watch out if you play against him.

Behind him is Kyler Murray at 91 and Tayson Hill at 90. So, if you load into an online game and see that a player has one of these QBs, you better get ready to QB contain. However, as the season goes on and new player cards are added, there will certainly be more scrambling QBs to watch out for.

Written by Andrew Smith