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Is Fall Guys Two Player?

Is Fall Guys two player?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most random and hilarious games available on PC and PS4. It’s a massively multiplayer experience filled with a variety of minigames and brightly colored bean people. It’s also clearly meant to be enjoyed in groups, but does that mean you can play with a buddy on your couch? Is Fall Guys two player? Does it have any option for local multiplayer?

Is Fall Guys a two player game? Is there local multiplayer?

Is Fall Guys a two player game?

Fall Guys isn’t technically a two-player game. Though up to 60 players can join in a match, it’s not possible for more than one player to join from a single platform. Likewise, it’s not possible for two players to grab a controller and play together on the same console. There is no true two-player option.

Like many massively multiplayer games, Fall Guys expects each individual player to join from a single device. At least for now, there’s no option for offline multiplayer, nor for local multiplayer. Local co-op is similarly off the table, because there’s no option for split-screen gameplay.

Of course, you should never say never. It’s entirely possible that two-player options could be added somewhere down the line. It’s all up to the developers. However, we’d advise you not to hold your breath. The game is only available on PC and PS4, and local multiplayer isn’t a feature typically added to PC games after release. The development team at Mediatonic would likely have to implement the feature solely on PS4, which would be unusual at best.

Thankfully, the lack of two-player local gameplay doesn’t make Fall Guys any less fun. You’re very likely to see up to 60 players in any given match, and everyone will have a separate agenda. It’s kind of a madhouse, but that’s what makes the experience so entertaining in the first place.

Written by Andrew Smith