Liberated Demo Gives Players A Free Sneak Peek Before Release

Liberated Demo

Atomic Wolf, L.INC has announced that a free sneak peek of its upcoming action-adventure comic-book style game. The Liberated demo will be available to try out few days before the game’s official release date which is set for July 30.

In Liberated, players will step inside a cyberpunk world where the mighty and powerful step on their citizens. Through their adventure, players will join a revolution against the game’s oppressive government in their fight to bring down the tyranny. This mission will see players traversing various side-scrolling levels and solving puzzles as they get closer to giving the people the justice they so desperately crave.

The Liberated demo and game features a stunning hand-drawn noir comic-book art style that combines with the side-scrolling action of the game and the in-game visual sound effects to bring players into a noir world that comes alive to make them feel like they are flipping through the pages of a graphic novel as they advance through the game’s story.

The game was originally released for Nintendo Switch, but now that it is making its PC debut, Atomic Wolf, L.INC has spruced it up with updated visuals. Further, the PC version of the game features two free DLC chapters. The chapters are titled For the Homeland and Glory to the Heroes, and they further add to the game’s experience by serving as an epilogue for Liberated’s main story.

Players can try out the Liberated demo for a limited time through Steam and GOG. The free sample will be available until July 27 at 10 AM PDT, and it will give players the chance to get a taste of the gameplay through a story mission. However, since the free trial is based on a section that belongs to the third act of the game, players will be presented with an abridged version of the level to avoid spoilers of the main story. This means that players who choose to try out the free sample of Liberated may notice some variations between the sneak peek and the full version of the game when it comes out.

Liberated is scheduled to release on July 30 on PC through Steam,, Humble Bundle, and GeForce Now.

Written by Andrew Smith