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MultiVersus Open Beta Will Close to Prepare for Launch Next Year

MultiVersus Open Beta Will Close to Prepare for Launch Next Year

There are times players forget a game is still in development until it decides to remind them harshly. This is what’s happening with MultiVersus by Warner Bros. Interactive, which will be closing its beta this summer. This is for many reasons, but the biggest is the decision to launch the full game in 2024. Unfortunately, there are many who have already put a lot of time and money into this version. Sadly, those players will not be able to play it again anytime soon. Read on for the details.

Warner Bros. Closing the MultiVersus Beta Until 2024

Even though it’s not even a year old, the MultiVersus beta drew a huge audience. Players were clearly eager for another Smash Bros. type of game with high production value. Since then, millions of players register for the online competitive fighting game as more characters were introduced and new elements were added. Despite this, Warner Bros. has made the decision to officially close the beta.

According to Gematsu, the MultiVersus beta will be closing its doors on June 25, 2023. The main reasons behind this decision seem to be focusing fully on finishing development for launch early next year as well as the recent drop in the number of players.

While MultiVersus may be a Smash Bros. type game, it has the foundation of Warner Bros. to work with. This allowed devs to create a wacky and colorful but still complex fighting game featuring some of the company’s most notable IPs. Players can choose to be Batman or one of the Scooby Doo gang, they could be Tom and Jerry or the Crystal Gems as they battle across a wide range of worlds and backgrounds. New characters and updates were seemingly introduced every few weeks, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. The game still isn’t complete and it’s being shut down to finish development.

MultiVersus was one of the most successful beta launches in recent memory but this can no longer carry it. With the beta closing in June and the full release not expected until 2024, players will simply have to wait and hope that any money they put into the game will carry over.

Written by Andrew Smith