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NBA 2K20 New Features | 3 new features coming to NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 New Features

The classic virtual basketball game is back again with another installment, filled with some cool new features. Fans will be glad to hear that NBA 2K20 is releasing with much more than just an updated roster this year. The developers at 2K Sports have packed in several new features, from increased ball physics to better animations. Here are just a few of the NBA 2K20 new features that players can look forward to!

NBA 2K20 New Features | What new features are coming?

NBA 2K20 New Features

Better Ball Handling

NBA 2K20 will come equipped with a more comprehensive physics system. Often times, sports games can leave players feeling disconnected to the action on the screen, and dissatisfied with the overall game. The developers of NBA 2K20 have rectified this. 

One of NBA2K20s new features will include a more tactile experience through increased character awareness. The simulated players will display a greater awareness of the ball, and react more naturally and seamlessly through an implemented inverse kinematics system. 

More Satisfying Animations

There will be more than a mere graphics update in this year’s installment of the NBA franchise. NBA2K20 will feature better animations all around. Modeled off of impressive real-life plays and shots, players will have newer, more interesting animations. Most notably, players will have better dunks, modeled after motion caps of the latest and greatest plays. 

Pushing Removed. New Mechanics Through Lost Old Ones?

Some may be disappointed to hear that the pushing feature will be removed from NBA2K20. While fights on the court have entertained fans of the series for many, many generations, this may be the promise of newer, more realistic interactions between players. 

How will 2K Sports make up for this discarded mechanic? Only time will tell when NBA 2K20 releases on September 16, 2019. Until then, players will have to cross their fingers that these new NBA 2K20 features will still make for a fun and enjoyable game!


Written by Andrew Smith