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Ooblets Curlyhorn | Where to Find

Ooblets Curlyhorn - Where to Find

Although we are new to Badgetown in Ooblets, Tinstle has done an excellent job of taking us under her wing and keeping us busy with Tinstle Tasks. Most of the time, this entails us fixing up places, beginning with our own house. However, as you progress, Tinstle will assign you to repair other locations around town, which will require some rare items such as a Culryhorn. And if you need to find a Curlyhorn to complete one of Tinstle’s tasks, with this guide and a little luck, you’ll get one in no time.

Where to Find Curlyhorn in Ooblets

Where to Find Curlyhorn in Ooblets

Curlyhorns can be found on the beach in Ooblets. They are easy to spot with their bright blue color and yellow glow. However, they are one of the rarer spawns on Badgetowns beach. That’s why if you want one you constantly need to check the beach to see if it’s spawned. It’s also worthwhile to collect all of the items on the beach so that new ones spawn. Furthermore, you can make use of any extra trash you find on the beach.

You can also get a Curlyhorn by sea dangling. However, it can only be obtained by sea dangling with super bait. To get super bait, you must upgrade the Reconstitoot twice, each time for 100 wishies. Once completed, super bait costs 80 slurry to make. But with it, you have a 9.1% chance of luring a Curlyhorn from sea dangling. This is your best chance of getting Curlyhorns, even better than having one spawn on the beach.

That is why it is critical to collect items from the beach, not only to allow new ones to spawn, but also to recycle them in the Reconstitoot for fish bait. And if you use this method repeatedly, it shouldn’t be long before you have your hands on a Curlyhorn. With that, you can complete the Tinstle Task of opening a FrunBuns Clubhouse.

This is one of those rare occasions where you’ll need luck on your side. However, that is not the case with our other Ooblets guides, which show you how to get your hands on these items right away:

Written by Andrew Smith