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Risk of Rain 2 Proc Coefficient | What Does Proc Mean?

Proc Coefficient

Hoopoo Games recently released the first content patch for Risk of Rain 2 after it’s 1.0 patch. This update had minor changes for survivors and the final boss. But, a hidden factor to all survivors and enemies is the “Proc” of certain attacks. As you may be finding out, a Proc Coefficient is an important part of every survivor. But, the game never explains what it is, and the stat is hidden to the player. It’s, thankfully, much simpler than it seems!

What is Proc Coefficient in Risk of Rain 2?

In Risk of Rain 2, Proc Coefficient is a multiplier on how likely an item is to activate its effect on-hit. You multiply your Proc by the item’s chance to activate.

For most abilities, Proc is set at one. If that’s the case, your item has the chance to activate that it says it does. A Sticky Bomb, for example, has an 8% chance to activate. When an ability with a Proc of one hits, it has an 8% chance to apply a Sticky Bomb. Attacks that hit slowly, or once, tend to have a Proc of one.

Different abilities have different Proc coefficients. For example, MUL-T’s Auto-Nailgun has a Proc of 0.6. That means every time a nail hits a monster, you multiply 0.6x the item’s chance to Proc to see if it works.

With a Sticky Bomb, each nail has a 4.8% (0.6×8%) chance to apply a bomb. That might seem low, but MUL-T shoots a lot of nails out, really fast! If an ability hits multiple times, it probably has a lower Proc Coefficient.

Proc Chance and Items

Items also have Procs. If an item lands hits, it’ll have a chance to activate other items. If you have an AtG Missle Mk. 1, each missile has a Proc of one. That means, if you have one sticky bomb, each missile has an 8% chance to leave a Sticky Bomb.

Sticky Bombs, however, have a Proc of 0. Sticky bombs have no chance to activate items. However, if you have an item like a Ukulele (Proc of 0.2) which shocks other characters, and a missile launcher, those can activate each other! The chance gets lower and lower, but it could last forever!

Proc Coefficients on items are the reason that Risk of Rain 2 gets so hectic and wild! Abilities and items activating more items is the core of the game!

Written by Andrew Smith