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Skyrim | How to Level Conjuration Up Quickly

Skyrim - How to Level Conjuration Up Quickly

Skyrim has a system of leveling up that is somewhat unique in fantasy RPGs. Because of how Skyrim handles skills, you must consistently use anything that you want to be strong. That means it can take a lot of grinding for anyone to get to the higher levels. That’s bad, because some of these skills are crucial for magic weapons and farming. Conjuration has several very important spells that you should consider grabbing. If you want to make magic weapons or create stronger summons, you will need to level conjuration up as fast as you can. Here’s how.

How to Level Conjuration Up Quickly in Skyrim

How to Level Conjuration Up Quickly in Skyrim

The most popular method to level conjuration up fast in Skyrim is the spell Soul Trap. You can cast Soul Trap on any corpse and consistently improve your Conjuration. You can also level this skill up by moving to a place where your Dragonborn can’t be hit and spamming a summon or reanimation spell. Banishing a summoned creature after summoning it is also important.

Like many skills in Skyrim, if you want to level it up, you’ll want to find the best way to spam it. Soul Trap tends to be the best option. You do not need to be in combat for it to work, and it works on any corpse. Equipping any item with Magicka regeneration and any item to reduce Conjuration spells’ cost, you can level up Conjuration very quickly. If you do not want to gather items before leveling up Conjuration, you can instead wait 1 hour after depleting your Magicka to regenerate it to full. We suggest getting to level 25 at minimum for this method, since you can cast Soul Trap for half the cost.

Other methods for leveling conjuration are less boring, but will take longer. Most other methods, like summoning and banishing a creature, will require you to be in combat. You can also attack summoned creatures with bound weapons, though this will take much more Magicka.

Conjuration is used for Soul Gems. Getting levels of Conjuration comes with stronger offensive magic as well as the ability to trap larger souls.

Written by Andrew Smith