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Space & Narrative Games Come To Game Pass Ahead Of Starfield Launch

There’s only so much time in the day to play games, and most services offer a multitude of titles every month. Game Pass is one of the most popular, being available on both Xbox and PC. And, of course, it will be hosting the highly anticipated Starfield. However, considering the game’s size and the amount of content, it will likely dominate most subscribers’ playtime once it appears. Therefore, Game Pass is taking the opportunity to add a few other titles that are related to space and focus on the story as much as the huge sci-fi exploration game claims to have.

Pre-Starfield Game Pass Games

Since it appeared, Game Pass has quickly become a favorite among cloud gaming services with a relatively low price and a very appealing selection of games. It’s known for adding in many large titles on day one of launch such as Redfall, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre later this week, and the star that is Starfield in September. However, for those looking to get into the spacefaring and storytelling mood, other titles are appearing far before then. These include Everspace 2, Firewatch, Sea of Stars, and GRIS.

Everspace 2 is the sequel to the well-selling and popular Everspace. Return to a vast universe in a custom spaceship that is only as good as its parts and crew. To help with this you can engage in space battles, complete missions, and visit planets looking for loot and upgrades.

Firewatch may take place in a large and quiet national park, but tells a personal and emotional story as you do your quiet and lonely job.

Then you’ve got the cryptic and visual narration of the sensitive and artful GRIS, following a nameless woman in a surreal fantasy world that may as well be another planet.

Finally, you’ve got the upcoming Sea Of Stars, which may or may not take place in space, but is geared up to be an epic story about a group of friends going on a life-changing turn-based journey.

Although everyone is focused on the release of Starfield, sci-fi game fans are in good company on Game Pass. Even though it’s sure to satiate your space-based itch, these games can at least hold you over until the game launches on September 6, 2023.

Written by Andrew Smith