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Spiritfarer Abilities | How to Unlock Every Skill

Spiritfarer Abilities - How to unlock every skill

Abilities in Spiritfarer are unique unlockable skills that give new movement options to Stella. These abilities are unlocked by locating various shrines hidden throughout the game’s map. Once a shrine has been accessed, you’ll need to spend two Obols to unlock the ability. If you want to get them all, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Here’s a look at every ability in Spiritfarer including a description of what each skill does.

How to Unlock Every Ability in Spiritfarer

How to unlock every ability in Spiritfarer

Double Jump

The double jump ability does exactly what it says, allowing Stella to jump a second time while in the air.

This shrine for the Double Jump ability is located on Hummingbird Island, which is found in the Hummingbird region. The islands coordinates are 39, 139, and the shrine can be reached whenever you like.


Glide allows Stella to slowly descend while in the air. It also lets her float upward through streams, though only in certain areas of the game.

The shrine holding Glide can be found on the Island of Furogawa. The island’s coordinates are -150, 67, and you can fly to it whenever you like.


The Zipline ability makes it possible to slide down hanging ropes and ziplines.

The shrine for the Zipline ability can be located on the island of Nordweiler. To reach this island, Stella’s ship must have the icebreaker upgrade equipped. With it equipped, you can find Nordweiler at coordinates -3, 185.


Bounce allows Stella to leap off certain objects for extra height. Jumping repeatedly will increase the height gained from the Bounce ability.

The shrine for this ability can be found at Oxbury island. To reach this island, you must have the Rockbreaker upgrade equipped to Stella’s ship. Once you have this upgrade, head to the coordinates 233, 18 to claim the Bounce ability.


This ability allows Stella to shoot up and forward on a curved trajectory. While in the air, she’ll be accompanied by a burst of yellow energy.

Dash can be found a the Greymist Peaks, but getting there requires the Mist Cleaner 1000 ship upgrade. Double Jump, Glide, and Bounce will be needed to navigate a series of geysers on the way to this shrine. Make sure you obtain them all first, then you can find Greymist Peak at coordinates 216, 96.

Light Burst

Light Burst causes Everlight energy to surround Stella, releasing in all directions around her.

To reach this shrine, Stella must have the Bucks story quest as well as the Mist Cleaner 1000 upgrade attached to the ship. After all these requirements are met, head to coordinates -185, -82. Use the Double Jump and Glide abilities to navigate the island, and you’ll find the hidden shrine at the top.

Improved Tools

This ability improves the efficiency of Stella’s tools. Both the mining and fishing tools benefit from this power-up.

Before getting this ability, Stella must have retrieved a treasure map from Francis. Beyond that, the ship will need the Mist Cleaner 1000 attachment. With all these requirements met, the Lost Shrine can be found at coordinates 220, 167.

Written by Andrew Smith