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Spiritfarer Favorite Foods | Every Characters Favorite Item

Spiritfarer Favorite Foods

Spiritfarer is a game about caring for the colorful cast of spirits that come on board. You do quests for them, entertain them, and generally raise their happiness until they’re ready to move on. One of the most important aspects of raising their happiness is discovering their favorite foods. Most spirits will eat almost anything Stella brings to them, but their favorite foods will be immense boosts to their attitude. That’s why we’ve put together a list of every character’s favorite foods in Spiritfarer.

Every Character’s Favorite Foods in Spiritfarer

There are 12 spirits that you help move on in Spiritfarer. Two of them are brothers that are together all the time and thus like the same food. You meet these spirits along your journey, and will likely only have 4-5 of them on your ship at once. In the list below, you’ll find each character’s favorite foods.

  • Gwen: Black Coffee (Coffee Beans)
  • Atul: Pork Chops (Pork)
  • Alice: Veggie-Pot Pie (Flour + Veggie)
  • Summer: Grain Salad (Grain + Veggie/Mushroom)
  • Astrid: Noodle Soup (Rice Flour)
  • Giovanni: Beef Fondue (Beef + Fat)
  • Stanley: French Fries (Potato + Fat)
  • Gustav: Surströmming (Herring (Cellar))
  • Bruce & Mickey: Garlic Bread (Wheat Flour + Garlic)
  • Buck: Tomato Pizza (Wheat Flour + Tomato)
  • Elena: Green Salad (Leaf Veggie + Fat)

These recipes may require different rooms to create them. For example, Gustav’s Suströming requires you to put Herring in the Cellar, while Atul’s Pork Chops just requires you to cook pork. Make sure you’re constantly upgrading your ship with new blueprints to ensure your spirits get the food that they love! That’ll get you through their questlines – and them onto the next step of their journey – much faster.

However, if you don’t have access to the specific room and just want to give your spirits some food, try and find food close to what their favorite food is. For example, Giovanni’s love of Beef Fondue means that he also likes fine dining cuisine. If you can make any food that is considered fine dining, then you’re in business! It’s a good substitute until you can find the ingredients for their dish or build the room that you need.

Written by Andrew Smith