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How to Complete Evaluation of Grandpa’s Scoring System in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Grandpa Scoring System for Evaluation

Wholesome, charming games are something of a rarity in the gaming industry. While many gamers enjoy fast-paced, action-packed shooters and hack-and-slashes, some take pleasure in simpler things and times. Stardew Valley is just that — a pleasant, rurally based farming game. Nothing reflects these ideas more than the Stardew Valley Grandpa, an NPC and narrator who scores, judges, and rewards players based on their in-game decisions.

Stardew Valley Grandpa Scoring System for Evaluation

This comes to us later in the game after we’ve completed a wide variety of quests, tasks, and farming duties. It’s a way for your Grandfather to evaluate your progress after a certain time period, with a point system to work with. Maximizing the points he awards can lead to some lucrative bonuses, though. Here’s how Grandpa determines his points for you in Stardew Valley, along with an understanding of how his Shrine’s candles work.

The Stardew Valley Grandpa Scoring System

For those somehow unaware, or those that click through dialogue screens like nothing else, the Stardew Valley Grandpa is the initiating force behind the entire game. Immediately after creating a character, players are introduced to him by receiving an inheritance: a large farming estate. Grandpa’s generosity isn’t exactly unconditional though. From beyond the grave, Grandpa assigns points based on players’ actions and can also provide subsequent bonuses.

The first two in-game years are when Grandpa assigns his points. Anyone wanting to up their Stardew Valley crop yields and items needs to take special care right from the beginning. Once the 3rd year has lapsed, Grandpa will come back as a ghost briefly to reward the player. After that, he’ll essentially vanish from the game, and where your journey in the Valley can be played indefinitely afterward.

Grandpa’s Point System Rewards

Candles at Grandpa's Shrine

There are a total of 21 possible points to be earned through Grandpa’s evaluation. Several categories of milestones provide the player with “Grandpa points”. These include total earnings, character and experience levels, Achievements, Friendship milestones, and a few acquisitions. However, getting the bonus doesn’t require hitting each goal outlined below. 

To put it simply, only 12 points need to be earned to get all the benefits out of the Grandpa point system. Perfectionists and completionists may get some satisfaction out of getting all 21, but it’s not required. Also, candles around Grandpa’s altar signal your point progress. If all four are lit, that’s a good sign. 

So what do players get out of maxing out their points? Well, once the first two years are up, they’re treated to the Statue of Perfection. This item grants a random amount of Iridium Ore each day, ranging from two to eight pieces. Iridium Ore isn’t exactly easy to come by, being a rare monster drop and all. To get the bonus, be sure to earn at least 12 of the points listed below.

Earnings Goals 

  • 50,000 Gold – 1 point
  • 100,000 Gold – 1 point
  • 200,000 Gold – 1 point
  • 300,000 Gold – 1 point
  • 500,000 Gold – 1 point
  • 1,000,000 Gold – 2 points

Total Possible Points: 7

Friendship Goals

  • Completely Upgraded House and Married – 1 point
  • 8 Heart Friendship with 5 Villagers – 1 point
  • 8 Heart Friendship with 10 Villagers – 1 point
  • 5 Heart Pet Friendship – 1 point

Total Possible points: 4

Level Goals

  • 30 Skill Levels – 1 point
  • 50 Skill Levels – 1 point

Total Possible Points: 2

Achievement Goals

  • Completed Museum Collection – 1 point
  • Catch All Fish Types – 1 point
  • Ship Each Item – 1 point

Total Possible Points: 3

Miscellaneous Goals/Acquisitions

  • Completed Community Center – 1 point 
  • Community Center Completion Ceremony – 2 points
  • Received Skull Key – 1 point
  • Received Rusty Key – 1 point

Total Possible Points: 5

Now that you’ve got Grandpa’s blessing, he’ll move on to the afterlife. From this moment, the farmhouse is ultimately yours, for he’ll visit you once and only once. The journey is yours to embark on, to continue raising land given by your dearly departed elder.

Grandpa Farmhouse

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you summon Grandpa again in Stardew Valley?

Grandpa’s Ghost’s purpose is to review your farm’s progress after two years. However, placing a Diamond in his Shrine on the farm will prompt the deceased relative to return the next day for reevaluation. It’s essentially a second chance at scoring more points if you had a low result from the first Grandpa evaluation.

Is Grandpa’s evaluation important?

The ghost of your grandfather acts more like a surprise event rather than an essential questline. His evaluation only affects your availability of acquiring the Statue of Perfection, nothing else. Therefore, it’s not important in terms of progressing through the main game. Of course, the reward is quite noteworthy, so we recommend keeping things tidy around the Shrine.

How does Grandpa’s evaluation work in multiplayer?

While all players can participate in the same game to interact with the grandfather’s Shrine, only the host will receive a report on their farm and not the other players. In short, the event is based on individual farms rather than just the players themselves.

Written by Andrew Smith