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Terraria Magic Storage | How to Move Storage Units

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Terraria Magic Storage allows players to merge multiple containers into one, so long as they are together. Instead of ducking between various chests and constantly moving one stack of items to the other in order to organize, the combined storage does it automatically. All you have to do is interact with the combined storage from a single location: the storage heart. However, there has been some confusion on how to move the Magic Storage in Terraria, as it does not work quite the same way as regular chests, but let us clear that up for you!

How to Move Magic Storage Units in Terraria

Terraria Magic StorageIn order to move Magic Storage storage units in Terraria, you must empty and deactivate them first. If you are already familiar with Terraria’s normal storage methods, then this will sound familiar. Like any other single storage location, you have to empty it entirely before you can move it. Right-clicking the storage unit will tell you its capacity and how many items it contains.

Once you entirely empty the Magic Storage, use a Storage Unit Wand to deactivate the Storage Unit. Only once the storage heart is deactivated and the storage empties entirely will you be able to mine the unit. By “mining” the unit, you will be able to pick it up, upgrade it, and/or move it to wherever you desire.

It’s also worth mentioning here that Terraria‘s Magic Storage is not a part of the base game and can only be used by PC players. Magic Storage comes from a well-reviewed and frequently used mod, created by mod community member blushiemagic. Once installed on your computer version of the game, the mod revolutionizes chests and storage!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move any storage unit in Terraria, much less the Magic Storage. Still, hopefully, this cleared up any misunderstandings about how Magic Storage works in the game! Just make sure to have a plan for where your items can go and then you’ll be ready!

Written by Andrew Smith