Trials of Mana Class Change | How to Upgrade Classes

Trials of Mana How to Change Class

Unfortunately, a Trials of Mana class change isn’t’ possible, at least not in the sense of “changing” or “switching” your class so much as upgrading it. Upgrading your class will unlock superior stats and a whole array of new abilities! Leveling up and getting better gear is great, but if you really want an edge in battle, you should upgrade your characters’ classes.

How to Change Classes

Trials of Mana Class Change
This is a Mana Stone. You will use these along with Mana Statues and the Sanctuary of Mana to change classes.

Instead of performing a class change in Trials of Mana, each character can upgrade their class twice. In order to reach the fourth and final class for each character, you must first finish the game and begin the post-game content before returning to their homelands. Since you will not learn those requirements until after finishing the game, we will stick with how to attain the main class upgrades.

Each character begins at a default Tier 1 class. Once that character reaches level 18, they can upgrade to a Tier 2 class. To reach Tier 3 classes, however, the character must be level 38 AND have specific class-change items in the party’s inventory. To get that item, you need to find Seeds specific to that item and plant those Seeds in any flower pot.

Once you have met these requirements, you need to find either a Mana Stone or a Mana Statue. When you find one, and have met the class change requirements, it is as simple as interacting with the stone or statue and following the menu!

Note well, however, that the story only grants you a limited amount of time to access the Mana Stones. If you cannot access Mana Stones anymore, though, you can simply return to the Sanctuary of Mana. There, you can likewise change class for any character.

When changing class at any point, you will have two choices. When switching to Tier 2, you will be able to start down either the Light or Dark path.

  • The Light path tends to enhance buffing and recovery abilities.
  • The Dark path will focus instead on debuffs and enhancing attacks.

For Tier 3, you can either continue down your chosen path or dip into the other. Either way, both the Light and Dark paths have their own, specific classes. For example, if you upgrade Hawkeye to a Light class at Tier 2, the Tier 3 option for the Dark path will not be the same as if you had chosen the Dark path at Tier 2 and the Light path at Tier 3.

Hopefully that has cleared things up for you! Now that you know how to change classes in Trials of Mana, good luck saving the world!

Written by Andrew Smith