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Vampire Survivors’ New Tree Character Can’t Move At All

The vampire trend is alive and well in the simple and popular game of Vampire Survivors, which still has a fair share of secrets. Even though the game released last year, the list of 24 confirmed characters is getting an addition with new secret character Peppino. Though the roster of hunters is quite diverse, Peppino stands apart from them by literally being a tree. This means they cannot move, which makes them arguably the most challenging character in the game so far.

Peppino Takes Root in Vampire Survivors

Mobility is an important aspect of Vampire Survivors, which means this new character comes with an immediate handicap. Peppino is unable to move since they’re rooted to the ground. Despite this, they’re not defenseless. They’re able to cast a number of AoE spells to protect their body while still slaying enemies and being able to level up their abilities.

Since the game revolves around endurance, choosing a good character is necessary to improve chances of survival. With the discovery of this secret survivor, a whole new set of strategies may come to light. That is, provided players can unlock them, get used to their stats, and then master their unusual play style.

Peppino has unique unlock conditions that were revealed by Poncle on a Reddit thread. In order to unlock the tree characters, players need to reach the Il Molise by unlocking Hyper Mode first. Once there, they will need to use the Celestial Dusting weapon to nearby plants for a total of 100,000 HP.

In addition to Peppino, the new character Sir Ambrojoe also joins the rosters as well as a number of new weapons to unlock and use.

Vampire Survivors provides a quick and challenging experience with more potential to grow. With the addition of a tree character, it seems Poncle has plenty of unusual ideas left for the future.

Written by Andrew Smith