You Suck At Parking Split-Screen | Is There Local Multiplayer?

You Suck At Parking Split-Screen - Is There Local Multiplayer?

The goal of the new arcade racer You Suck at Parking is to burn rubber through an obstacle course race track until you reach the last parking space. Tackling these courses on our own is certainly a fun challenge, but it would be all the more enjoyable if we could struggle alongside our friends. That’s why many are wondering if you can play with friends in local multiplayer in split-screen mode. On that front, we have both good and bad news for you.

Does You Suck At Parking Have Split-Screen Play?

Does You Suck At Parking Have Split-Screen Play?

You Suck At Parking currently does not have a split-screen mode or any kind of shared-screen local multiplayer. As of right now, the game’s campaign is entirely single-player. Furthermore, there is no party system to invite friends so that you can enjoy the multiplayer mode together. That may come as a letdown, but it’s bound to change.

According to developer Happy Volcano, more multiplayer features are set to come in the months following the game’s release. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm what features those are and when they’ll arrive. Certainly, the game needs a social system to invite and play with friends in the game’s campaign and online multiplayer. Additionally, the game’s campaign almost certainly needs local multiplayer. Couch co-op would be too much fun. However, that is simply speculation and our best guess as to what features might be included.

It’s difficult to determine how local multiplayer, like split-screen, will work. Of course, the decision as to whether local multiplayer will be split-screen or shared-screen is left up to the developers. It most certainly should have been included with the game’s initial release. And there is no doubt that it is an essential feature that needs to be added to the game. But, we have faith that Happy Volcano is well aware of that fact.

If multiplayer is your main draw to You Suck At Parking, you may wish to wait until more features are added. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee local split-screen play will be added at all.

Written by Andrew Smith