15 Games Where You Can Be a Cat

Stray cat in cybercity - Stray
Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive.

Cat games are a popular trend. Whether it’s playing as an actual cat or an anthropomorphic cat-like creature, there’s something for all feline lovers out there. Keep reading this list if you’ve ever wanted to embrace your feline side. We will go over the top 15 games where you can play the game as a cat. What’s not to love?

Here are our top 15 games where you can play as a cat.

15. The Purring Quest

A cat in The Purring Quest
Image Credit: Valhalla Cats.

Getting to play as an adorable cat called Kimchi, this visually stunning game pays tribute to many of the internet’s famous cats. It’s a great platformer with some relaxing gameplay and some truly comedic moments along the way. 

In addition, a portion of the profits from this game will be donated to various Animal Welfare causes!

14. Cats Are Liquid

Liquid cat in Cats are Liquid
Image Credit: Last Quarter Studios.

While you don’t quite look like a traditional cat, you get to play as a liquid cat and complete a journey through a 2D platformer with various mechanics and puzzles to solve along the way. On the surface level, this game is adorable and tells the story of the liquid cat and her feline friends, but it has a deeper meaning if you analyze it. 

If you like this game a lot, you can also create your own levels in the Steam Workshop!

13. Cat Goes Fishing

Cat is fishing in pond - Cat Goes Fishing
Image Credit: Cat5Games.

It’s a bit of a bizarre but tranquil game. You play as a cat who is learning how to fish. As you catch different fish, you can upgrade your fishing rod and work towards catching the biggest fish possible. Each fish has unique movements and requirements to be caught, keeping you on your toes.

12. Cat Quest

Cats on a mission in Cat Quest
Image Credit: Kepler Interactive.

Cat Quest is pawsitively adorable, with a tabletop art style to accompany it. Playing as a young male cat, you have to save your sister, who has been kidnapped. Along the way, you fight a variety of enemies, including dragons. 

Not only this, but there is now a sequel to this game, Cat Quest II, with a third in the works.

11. A Street Cat’s Tale

Cat wondering night city in A Street Cats Tale
Image Credit: CFK Co,. Ltd.

This game is harrowing and heartwarming all at once. You play as a disheveled street cat and have to make a series of choices as you explore the streets you live on. Will you make it off the streets and into a loving home, or are you destined to scrap with other cats in cold alleys?

10. Night in the Woods

Mae in Night in the Woods
Image Credit: Finji.

Playing as an anthropomorphic cat, you play as Mae in a world with an incredibly charming art style and some truly lovable characters. Speaking to everyone you meet and getting to know them while making choices as Mae, this game covers a multitude of themes. It’s everything from heartwarming to heartbreaking. Night In The Woods deserves all the love it can get.

9. Cattails

Cats in Cattails
Image Credit: Falcon Development.

In this adorable, unique RPG, you can play as a cat in a huge world. From exploring new places to hunting for food and even brawling with other cats, you get to live out your kitty dreams in this cute but chaotic game. Will you get married and have your very own kittens? Or are you destined for a life of solitude?

8. Rain World

Slugcat in Rain World
Image Credit: Akupara Games.

Rain World is not the traditional cat game and has a great deal of difficulty mixed into it. You play as a very cute Slugcat, where you are not only a predator but also a prey. In this platformer, you have to traverse a difficult industrialized ecosystem and fight off predators while fighting for survival. Be prepared for a challenge, though.

7. Catlateral Damage

Cat pawing off bananas in Calateral Damage
Image Credit: Manekoware.

Catlateral Damage is hilarious. In this first-person perspective cat game, you can be as destructive as you like. The goal is to knock everything onto the ground and cause as much chaos as possible. There are a variety of fun goals throughout the game, too. This is a great game to destress and let go of all of your negative emotions.

6. Magicat

Cat on a broom in Magicat
Image Credit: Toge Productions.

MagiCat is pawsitively adorable. You play as a cat on a broomstick with a witch’s hat. Set in a side-scrolling platformer environment, there are plenty of levels to complete and navigate your way through, with various fun and exciting bosses to take down, too. 

5. Blacksad: Under the Skin

John Blacksad in Blacksad: Under the Skin
Image Credit: Microids.

If you like detective games, you’re bound to like this one. Playing as an anthropomorphic cat detective named John Blacksad, you have to fight crime in the bustling New York City and try to solve the ongoing corruptive scandal.

4. Another Sight

Another Sight girl in bubble
Image Credit: Fish Eagle.

While you also play as a blind girl, you do get to play as a cat. This game is incredibly heartfelt as you work together as both the girl and cat to solve puzzles as a team and work towards getting the girl to safety. This game can get pretty emotional, so prepare some tissues for your journey.

3. Kitten Burst

Cat flying through Cybercity in Kitten Burst
Image Credit: Lithodelphis.

Kitten Burst is a fun, fast-paced adventure-racing game where you explore and save cyberspace and battle bullet-hell-style bosses. The game is exciting and chaotic, and you play as a cute kitten as you go. What’s not to like?

2. Gato Roboto

Fighting enemies in Gato Roboto
Image Credit: Devolver Digital.

In this black-and-white Metroidvania, you play as a cat in a mech suit and traverse a challenging alien world. You’ll have to fight for survival and make your way past life-threatening obstacles to save your Captain and spaceship.

1. Stray

Stray cat and android in a boat in Stray
Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive.

Stray is the ultimate cat game. You play as a sweet little stray cat who has found itself in a technologically advanced cyber city. You have to solve mysteries and complete quests along the way. Of course, it isn’t as simple as that. You’ll have to fight for survival against alien creatures that can threaten to consume you in seconds. This game can be intense and emotional, so prepare yourself for a rollercoaster.

That concludes our list of some of the best games where you can play as a cat. Which of these games is your favorite?

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Written by Amy Eastland

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