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All Madden 21 College Teams

Madden 21 College Teams

With the 2020-21 college football season up in the air due to the COVID-19 pandemic, football fans may have to turn to other outlets to get their annual dose of college football. While the beloved NCAA football gaming franchise still hasn’t made a grand return, there are a couple of college teams that will be making their way to Madden 21 for this year’s installment.

What College Teams are in Madden 21?

Players will be able to choose from a total of 10 different college teams in Madden 21. Players will begin their journey on National Signing Day and will head to campus after choosing their team with hopes to win the College Football Playoff. The college teams included in Madden 21 are:

  • Clemson
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Miami
  • Michigan State
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • USC

If you played last year’s installment, you may notice that Florida State and Texas Tech are no longer playable college teams and have been replaced by Michigan State and Nebraska. It is worth noting that the Madden 21 college teams lineup was initially revealed via a tweet from ESPN, which has since been deleted. It is currently unclear if the lineup of teams hadn’t been officially locked in yet, or if ESPN merely jumped the gun on the announcement. Either way, college football is slowly making its way back into video games.

Madden 21 is set to release on August 25 and will feature a new backyard football game mode called The Yard. This is a 6 vs. 6 game mode with matches that only last a couple of minutes. Each team will get three possessions each and the team that ends up with the most points on the scoreboard after all six rounds will be declared the winner. Hopefully, this new game mode will be able to bring a fresh experience to a long-running franchise which can tend to get complacent year after year.

Written by Andrew Smith