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Astral Chain Sword Legion | How to use the first Legion

Astral Chain Sword Legion

Near-dystopian settings with wild premises have become something of a staple across the gaming industry. Astral Chain definitely follows this trend, taking place during the cusp of humanity’s end at the hands of the Chimera. Through fighting Chimeras with Chimeras, Astral Chain provides an inkling of hope. To start off, players are given access to the Astral Chain Sword Legion.

How to use the Astral Chain Sword Legion

Astral Chain Sword Legion

The Sword Legion is the first living weapon available to Astral Chain players. It comes equipped with typical melee abilities. As a result, the Sword Legion is best suited for use at closer ranges. The Sword Legion’s several abilities and advancements make up for its lack-luster equipment though. 

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One key use of the Astral Chain Sword Legion is found through its cutting and stunning ability. It can cleave through a wave of enemies with ease, damaging them and leaving them unsteadily dizzy. From there, players are left with easy targets to kill. 

Furthermore, charging this attack slows down the passage of time. For players that aren’t the best at aiming or lining up blows, this time adjustment is a godsend. The Sword Legion’s special attack is also useful for destroying barriers in the game’s Astral Plane. Lastly, the Sword Legion can also interface with various bits of electronic equipment, progressing investigations in the story. 

Once the Sword Legion gets a little bit boring, it’s time to start advancing its skill tree. The Sword Legion, like the other Legions, has an intricate skill tree that holds tons of special abilities and upgrades. Players can go through multiple playthroughs and still not use everything it has to offer. 

Astral Chain‘s use of Legions provides a refreshing yet immersive approach to combat mechanics. By essentially using enslaved versions of the game’s main enemies, Astral Chain gives players an intensely engrossing experience. 

Written by Andrew Smith