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Battlefield 2042 | How to Add Friends

Battlefield 2042 Add Friends

Battlefield 2042 is a massive game with huge combat situations. Because of that, it works best when you play it with a buddy. Thankfully, you will be able to squad up with a handful of friends in order to ensure that your team is on the right side of combat. But, the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand when it comes to finding your buds. So, how do you add friends in Battlefield 2042? And where do you go from there?

How to Add Friends in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Add Friends

You can add friends to Battlefield 2042 by using the Search ID in the “Invitations” section of the “Social” tab. Scroll down and search by EA ID, which is the username of your friend. You can also add your friends to your list by having them as your friends in Origin. That can be found in the ‘Friends’ tab, which will allow them to show up in the bottom-right part of the Origins launcher.

The “Invitations” section of the social tab is a bit of a weird place to find the player search. But, you can search for any friend using this tab. That means you can easily access crossplay or avoid interacting with Origin as much as possible. However, Origin is still fine, and you can just be friends over that platform instead.

From there, you can Squad up with your buds. Head to the “Party/Friends” tab and select “Create a Party”. This will form a party with a maximum of four players. This party will also be public unless you choose the “Private Party” option on the privacy tab. If you plan on just hanging out with your friends, this option is highly recommended.

You can also join a party in this tab. Simply go to the Party tab and find a friend who has a party active. This’ll let you automatically join a game that they’re in. Kind of neat!

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Written by Andrew Smith