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Conan Exiles Pets | How to Get


Conan Exiles recently launched a new expansion called Isle of Siptah. Because of that, new resources and creatures have just been added! If you’re new or returning, pets can be one of the hardest mechanics to wrap your head around. There are a bunch of ways to get companions by your side… But none of them are very obvious. If you’re looking for a way to get a faithful companion, check out our guide.

How to Get Pets in Conan Exiles

There are five ways to obtain pets in Conan Exiles: Capturing baby creatures, purchasing a baby or an egg from specific vendors, looting corpses of enemies, sacrificing a heart at Hanuman’s Grotto, or crafting. Each way requires some pretty strict guidelines.

Here’s a look at the five different ways to get a pet in Conan Exiles.

Capturing Pets

You can capture baby animals basically anytime. These young creatures aren’t very strong, so they are only effective companions early on. However, once you raise and tame them, they can become absolute beasts on the battlefield.

Buying Pets

Purchasing babies and eggs offers some small advantages. The creatures have some small utility, and they are rather adept at their specializations. Vendors that sell pets include Urik, Master Tamer, Ignatius the Greedy, Owen the Beautiful, Koros the Brave, and Shawna the Strange. Each vendor carries a specific egg.

Looting Creatures

Looting Ladagara Daughter of Ymir or an Ancient Scorpion Queen will reward you with pets, though only sometimes. There may be more creatures that drop eggs, but these are the two most prevalent.

Sacrificing a Heart

In Hanuman’s Grotto, you can sacrifice a heart to get gorillas or yetis as pets. The Hearts of the Kinscourge or Hero will give you a Grey Ape or Silverback Gorilla, respectively. In order to get a normal Gorilla, a Withered Heart must be used. The Heart of a Nordheimer or Heart of the Sands will give you yetis.

Crafting Pets

Finally, you can craft skeletons and undead using the Firebowl Cauldron. You’ll need the Witch Doctor feat in order to use them. These undead warriors are relatively fragile, so they’re only good for cannon fodder. They do a lot of damage though, so they’re worth trying out!

This is the least stable option for making pets, since you actually have a chance to not get what you’re looking for. Good luck if you’re looking for a specific skeleton, like a Wight!

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Written by Andrew Smith