New Black Desert Patch Updates Classes

New Black Desert Patch

The fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss, has received some major changes thanks to a new update. The new Black Desert Online patch seeks to expand on the aesthetics and mechanics available to the player. Aside from general game changes, there’s a greater emphasis on the player class updates.

Currently, the game has 19 classes to choose from, with the new Black Desert Online patch individually affecting 14 of them. In general, all of the classes have been tweaked to have their debuff-skills made more effective and visible on the enemies afflicted while preventing them from appearing in strange locations as a result.

This Black Desert Online patch specifically targets class abilities mainly concerning PvP. The Warrior’s Ground Smash received a more detailed description and damage boost of 68% at its Absolute level (AL). The Ranger’s Prime level (PL) Descending Current increased its damage by 32% and added a knockdown effect to the AL Charging Wind (after 4-5 charges). The Berserker’s AL Fearsome Tyrant received a 35% damage increase, a 34% decrease to Raging Thunder at AL, and 13% for PL. The Tamer also received a decrease of 21% on the PL Allround Spinner.

Both the Witch and Wizard received the same updates: Improved graphics for PL Jail Explosion and 32% decrease for AL Meteor Shower. Both PL Meteor Shower and Lightning got an increase of 26% and 36%, respectively. The Valkyrie’s PL Judgment of Light got an 11% boost and increased leveling stats while PL Shining Dash got 42%.

Coming to the blade classes, Musa’s AL Rising got a 40% boost and Maehwa’s Red Moon got 39% at AL and 31% at PL levels. The Ninja’s PL Red Rain got improved graphics with Kunoichi’s AL Shadow Clone being boosted by 43%. Both these classes also received a better description of the Ghost Greeting skill and fixed its activation in combination with the Shadow Slash skill.

Finally, we come to the last three classes. The Striker’s AL Rage Hammer was boosted 42%, the Mystic’s PL Roaring tiger boosted by 35%, and the Guardian’s PL Black Blood Circle reduced by 21%.

This Black Desert Online patch was anything if not thorough. Such incredible attention to detail shows tremendous effort and dedication by developers, as well. Now that these classes have been powered up, the soon to join sand-controlling Hashashin will be in good company.

Written by Andrew Smith