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Cyberpunk 2077 | How to Romance Kerry Eurodyne


Across the massive world of Cyberpunk 2077, there are loads of people to romance. Because it’s an RPG, they tend to need you to do them a favor or two first. This is the case with Kerry Eurodyne, a former musician who lost his way. If you want to get with him, you’ll need to make sure you’re a good match, and choose the right dialogue options. Otherwise, you’re not gonna have a good time!

Spoiler Warning: The below article has spoilers for the later missions of Cyberpunk 2077 and some history for Kerry. If you’re not alright with learning some things about the game, read with discretion.

How to Romance Kerry in Cyberpunk 2077


In order to romance Kerry, you’ll need a masculine voice and body type. The romance begins after you’ve completed the side quests that Rogue sends you on. If you’ve completed Chippin’ In or Blistering Love, you should be able to see Holdin’ On, which is the start of Kerry’s side quests.

Your choices don’t matter right away. Holdin’ On, Second Conflict, A Like Supreme, Rebel! Rebel!, and I Don’t Wanna Hear It are all safe to complete as you wish. You’ll have to wait a ton for some of these quests to unlock — 12 hours for Rebel! Rebel!, and a bit more for I Don’t Wanna Hear It. Feel free to do whatever quests you’d like in between, because you’re still not quite ready for romance.

Off The Leash is where things get serious. Make sure you’re supportive and understanding whenever you’re given dialogue opportunities. Do it right, and you’ll get the opportunity to kiss him. You don’t need to kiss him yet, though.

In his next quest, Boat Drinks, you’ll want to accept his offer to cruise around the bay. Don’t worry about vandalizing the yacht, but you must kiss him near the end of the mission if you want to romance Kerry.

Afterwards, to avoid making the relationship rather than a one-night stand, tell Kerry you want to be with him on the beach. This’ll give you Kerry as a romantic partner.

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Written by Andrew Smith