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Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Quest Guide

The Hunt

Congrats on completing I Fought The Law! The Hunt is a mid-game side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 that continues Detective River’s storyline. After you complete the previous quest, River will call you again for help. Since you’re apparently willing to make friends with the law (we were too!), you might as well help out! It’s the only way to continue River’s storyline, and is full of awesome moments with the Detective.

How to Complete The Hunt Quest in Cyberpunk 2077

The Hunt is separated into four categories: The Lab, Randy’s House, Braindance, and Edgewood Farm. Each step is long and multi-faceted, with a lot of chances to flex different skill sets. If you haven’t gotten The Hunt yet, it’s because River hasn’t had enough time to contact you. So, do a few more quests and he’ll get to you shortly.

The Lab

Head to the waypoint that River pointed out to you, and just listen to his instructions. The lab has a few ways in, so choose the path best-suited to your character. The front door is hackable with 12 Technical Points, or you can climb through in the back of the building. Once in, you can find the file on Anthony Harris in the room after the large room with the computer. Because you can scan it, you’ll find the file in no time.

Randy’s House

Randy’s house is, thankfully, less tricky. Head into the house. You can open the locked drawer with the key on the shelf right next to Randy’s desk, labeled “Randy’s Antique Key.” Otherwise, you just follow commands, though an Intelligence of 12 can net you additional options in the future.


Oh boy, clue finding time!

  1. Teacher, Bulletin Boards (2), Trophy Case (4 total)
  2. Cow, Father, Console, Injection System, Dietary Supplements (5 total)
  3. Solar Box, Clock, Turret, Fuel Barrels, Unconscious Victims (3), Infusion Pump, FDNC certificate, number next to barn door, escaping victim, outside lights, sound of a trash barge (13 total).

Edgewood Farm

And we’re back at the farm. Be wary of the turrets and mines as you make your way in (save and load often!). The secret room’s button is under a desk. The farm’s security systems are in a computer in the secret room. Otherwise, the game should lead you through unlocking all the victims and saving some lives.

If you’re having trouble with the turrets, use a QuickHack. You’ll not be wanting to take both of them to the chest as you sneak your way in!

Written by Andrew Smith