Where to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Bancho Makes Atlantic Bonito Sushi
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The Atlantic Bonito is one of many fish Dave collects during his expeditions in Dave the Diver. An Atlantic Bonito itself can be challenging to locate, for it’s capable of eluding explorers of the Blue Hole at times. But even though it can be a nasty little sucker to catch, Dave will need it to serve as an ingredient for a couple of dishes. Luckily for our titular diver, the 4kg bonito fish has found comfortable territory in the Blue Hole, and it won’t take long to find them.

Aside from the other aquatic creatures to capture in Dave the Diver, the Atlantic Bonito offers little importance. Regardless, players must discover at least one to gather intel for the MarinCa smartphone app. If players have been swimming around the Blue Hole for a while, the odds are high that they’ve seen this small silver-blue-green creature in Dave the Diver before.

Where to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver players can locate the Atlantic Bonito fish by exploring the Medium Depths of the Blue Hole during the day, 50-130m below the surface level. Additionally, near the Sunken Ship, they’re typically seen around the 100-meter mark. The rank-two fish lines up at 75cm, and players can capture it with the Net Gun for safe retrieval. Harpoons can also be utilized, though this will yield results of lesser value.

Other small fish will swim nearby, for the Blue Hole Medium Depths is home to many. The Atlantic Bonito can easily be confused with the Atlantic Mackerel, Mackerel Scad, and even the Bluehead Tilefish. Like the Bluehead Tilefish, the bonito fish rarely spawns during the day. Future dives might require a bonito fish to appear in the Blue Hole, so consider this when trying to find one.

Expert Tip

Since other small fish may be caught, transfer any spare guys to the Fish Farm. The Medium Depth Fish Farm can hold the Atlantic Bonito and any other tiny creatures you might have captured while exploring the Medium Depths of the Blue Hole.

More About the Atlantic Bonito

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Dave can register the Atlantic Bonito stats into the MarinCa app to learn more about them and add them to its collection. Aside from its rank two status, location in the Blue Hole, and length, a description is also provided. “A fish with a silver body, a bluish-green dorsal fin, and diagonal stripes on its back. It has been measured at around 75cm, lives in groups in shallow waters, and feeds on fish and squid.” Although it might be rare to see this fish consume other creatures of the Blue Hole, it seems relatively peaceful otherwise. Its MarinCa card number is 0111.

Once Dave has gotten the bonito fish, he can give Bancho two recipes to work with at the restaurant. One is a curry dish, while the other is merely a sushi plate, and the two recipes are demonstrated as follows:

  • Atlantic Bonito Curry – Atlantic Bonito (x5), Carrot (x2), and Curry Block (x1)
  • Atlantic Bonito Sushi – Atlantic Bonito (x1)

Even if the sushi dish is simple in terms of presentation, the bonito curry plate can be served during the Curry Party Seasonal Event. At this point, Bancho Sushi staff members should be skillful enough to handle the Curry Party. And that goes for the other Seasonal Events, too, as various dishes will be assembled to accommodate the different parties.

As a courtesy note, progressing through Dave the Diver will necessitate enhancing the protagonist’s equipment. This includes his diving suit, which must withstand the intense underwater pressures. Meeting the Blue Hole standards is imperative for Dave’s journey and Bancho Sushi’s growth. Be sure to keep your equipment in top shape as you explore more areas of the Blue Hole, where new dangers may lurk.


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