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Destiny 2 | How to Get Filthy Lucre

Destiny 2 Filthy Lucre

Having fun with Destiny 2 and want to enjoy all the new content? You’ll need money for that. Cash, dollar, Filthy Lucre, call it what you will but the world of Destiny 2 revolves around it and you’ll need quite a lot to complete the new Bank Job quest. In this guide, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to get Filthy Lucre so that you can complete the Bank Job quest.

How to Get Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2

You need a total of 300 Filthy Lucre to complete the Bank Job quest, but they won’t be easy to come by, so get ready for a real grind. If you’re not familiar with the new form of currency, Filthy Lucre is awarded to players when they participate in Crucible and Gambit matches or participate in Nightfalls. Unfortunately, you’ll only be rewarded with one Filthy Lucre for each match or Nightfall.

If you have the paid season pass, farming Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2 won’t be difficult at all, but if you don’t have it, you’re in for a long ride. For those that have the pass, when you reach Catalyst Enhancement Rank 11 and Catalyst Enhancement Rank 22 you’ll begin earning double and triple amount of Filthy Lucre. However, if you don’t have the pass, you’re going to be stuck earning one at a time.

Whatever your situation, it’s going to be key to keep on grinding through Crucibles, Gambits, or Nightfalls as you try to earn Filthy Lucre. Further, if there is a specific Nightfall you know you’re good at, you may want to grind that continually, as it might be quicker than a match of Crucible or Gambit. Over time, you should be able to rack up the 300 Filthy Lucre needed to complete the Bank Job quest. It probably won’t be fun, but it will be worth it once you see that quest ticked off the list!

Written by Andrew Smith