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Destiny 2 Sprint Cancel Bug Fix

sprint cancel bug

Ever since the recent Season of Arrivals update for Destiny 2, countless players have been reporting issues with a sprint cancel bug. Players have found that when they attempt to sprint in the game, the sprint gets canceled or locks up. In this guide, we will attempt to get to the bottom of this problem and offer a possible solution to the Destiny 2 sprint bug.  

How to Fix the Sprint Cancel Bug in Destiny 2sprint cancel bug

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to fix the Destiny 2 sprint cancel bug as of this moment. However, players could try reloading the game in an attempt to make the issue go away. But overall there is not much anyone can do — it appears this issue is a problem only the developers can fix. Luckily, it seems the developers are aware of the problem and are currently looking into a fix, as stated in the post below by Reddit Bungie Community Manager Cozmo23.

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With this statement made by Cozmo23, it appears that Destiny 2 players won’t have long to wait for the issue to be fixed by the developers. Like we previously stated in the meantime, there is not much we can do until the problem fixed by the developers. But it also seems like that this sprint cancel bug is not the only problem that is currently plaguing players. 

One player reported that there seems to be an issue with the jumper layout, where if you dodge left while on a sparrow, you jump off it, since the game thinks you are jumping while on foot. You also won’t be able to press X to jump anymore in the game after this issue happens. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed eventually along with the aforementioned sprint cancel bug.

Despite some issues overall, it seems the Season of Arrivals update for Destiny 2 has been well received with all the new content it adds to the game, such as Umbral Engrams, new weapons, and public events. For more information regarding what Season of Arrivals brings to the table, visit the official website at 

Written by Andrew Smith