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Does Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Have Transmog?


One of the coolest parts of Odyssey was its transmog feature. Being able to craft your own assassin’s looks was critical to making things cool. So, a lot of fans were praying that appearance customization would make it to the Norse installment. There are some really cool looking axes and bows in the game, so the question remains…

Does AC Valhalla Have Transmog Feature?

By all accounts, it seems like AC Valhalla should have a system to use transmog. However, if it is in the game, it is not in the same way as it was in Odyssey. That is, it doesn’t seem like you can simply change any piece of armor to any other piece of armor in your inventory menu. It doesn’t even seem like you can adjust the look of your weapon to a lower-tier upgrade or anything.

This is unfortunate since Odyssey‘s transmog system was actually crazy cool! However, if there is a system, it is not unlocked to players as early as it was in Odyssey.

With some luck, Ubisoft will update the game with a customization package so that players can get transmogging just like in Odyssey. That game also was delayed for weapon and armor customization. Hopefully, that’s a sign that Valhalla will simply be getting a similar treatment, rather than just being ignored entirely. Keep your eyes peeled for any notes on a transmog update in the near future. Ubisoft probably wants the good publicity and awesome pictures that came when the update was applied in Odyssey, after all!

That being said, if the update does come after this article is written, there will likely be a dedicated button in menus — the same as in Odyssey. Then, you can augment any piece of equipment to look like any other that you’ve collected. And considering how awesome weapons and armor look in this game, I can’t wait to see it in action!

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Written by Andrew Smith